Amplitude vs. Heap Analytics

Find out why companies like Hubspot, Gusto, and Thumbtack chose Amplitude over Heap for analytics.

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Be wary of solutions that promise shortcuts to your data collection.

When using auto-track to collect your product's usage data, you'll likely get a lot of data quickly. However what really matters is not how much data you have, but how effective that data is at informing decisions that improve your product experience and uncover new opportunities for growth.

Auto-tracking also has three major drawbacks:

1. Data lacks context: Auto-tracked data cannot collect any metadata about a click itself, only that it occurred. If it is an “upgrade” button for example you won’t be able to tell which plan was selected or if there were any customizations.

2. Data is incomplete: Auto-tracked data only collects clicks and pageviews. You will end up missing factors that may have influenced user behavior such as receiving an email.

3. Data becomes untrustworthy: If you regularly ship improvements to your experience, auto-track will break down over time. Events can appear duplicated, and you may start to see “phantom” actions, or things that don’t actually occur.