Amplitude: an AWS Competency Partner

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Amplitude uses AWS to help companies build better products

Querying tens of billions of events

We’re constantly innovating on its functionality and efficiency. At the core of Amplitude is a flexible and scalable query system that enables customers to ask questions about their data. Written in Java and backed by Amazon S3, our proprietary distributed column store, Nova, serves queries running on tens of billions of events, with a median query time of <1 second.

The infrastructure underneath it all

Operating securely at scale is non-negotiable. We run over 1000 instances in Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud with a lean engineering team, and we regularly deploy over 50 microservices that power the product.

With AWS, Amplitude is building a better product for our customers

Hubspot is improving data trust with Amplitude event taxonomy

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Calm is increasing user retention with insights from Amplitude

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Instacart is increasing funnel conversion with Amplitude

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