Yellow Pages is Undergoing a Digital Transformation

As a 100 year old company, how do you reinvent and transform yourself to stay relevant in the digital world? Yellow Pages (YP) has been answering this for years. The company that was once synonymous with print directories is now much, much more than that. Visit yp.ca and you’ll see a sleek search bar, colorful buttons to download a Yellow Pages-built dining, shopping or real estate app. You’ll see the result of their complete digital transformation.

But that’s just the front-end.

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5 Technical Skills Every Growth Marketer Needs

Growth has come to dominate all conversations that concern developing new products. Marketers, engineers, and product managers are under great pressure to deliver growth. Many have found that the best way to achieve it is to combine skills from all three areas. Enter the Growth Marketer.

No matter whether you see yourself as someone who’s main goal is to deliver growth, or a marketing generalist who’s looking to develop their skill set in order to stay competitive, developing technical skills is important to everyone who wants to grow a product in the Digital Age.

But where do you start? Being able to code and run regression analysis sound great, but developing those skills takes many years to master.

To help you on the journey of becoming more tech savvy, we’ve identified five essential technical skills growth managers need and how you can apply them to deliver on your growth strategies.

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The App That Finally Got Me To Meditate Everyday

It’s easy to chuckle when you start getting push notifications from an app designed to help you meditate everyday through the stressors of life. But Calm, the brainchild of Alex Tew, uses those push notifications to nudge users to nobler ends.

When you tear away all the tech, every startup is just a solution to a problem. The problem Calm has chosen to address is that meditating regularly (or at all, for some people) is really hard.

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The Role of Growth in Mobile Product Development

The Role of Growth in Mobile Product Development

This is a guest post from Al Harnisch from Prolific Interactive, an Amplitude Solutions Partner.

As the native mobile space matures, the biggest app-related issue brands face has shifted from UX and backend infrastructure to growth and monetization. Brands are learning that launching a proper native app is a great first step, but only a starting point. There’s so much more road to travel, much more product development needed, and this is where brands often get tripped up.

For a native app to drive sustainable value for a company, growth techniques must be top-of-mind for the product team from day one. If you wait until launch to invite marketing into the conversation then you’re already months behind, and the executives are impatiently waiting to see their mobile ROI. This post explains how to incorporate growth thinking and action into each major phase of product development.

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How Product Monopolies can Hurt Tech Companies

How Product Monopolies Can Hurt Tech Companies

Establishing a monopoly — near-total domination of a market — may seem like the ultimate marker of success. You’ve edged out your competitors, and have the ubiquitous product in your sector. But having a wildly successful product can be dangerous.

It can take your focus away from product development, and shift time and attention towards beating competitors and securing your business with sales and marketing. This can seem like the right decision in the short-term, as ramping down on R&D decreases your operating expenses and exposes some fat profit margins.

However, that shift in focus can cripple you down the line. It can take behemoth companies and bring them to their knees.

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