Maximize the Power of Your Data Ecosystem: Introducing Amplitude's Connections Overview

Get a centralized view of all your Amplitude data across your entire tech stack.

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June 20, 2024
Image of Brandon Khoo
Brandon Khoo
Senior Product Manager, CDP, Amplitude
Connections Overview

Do you ever feel like you're missing critical pieces of the puzzle when it comes to getting a complete window into your customer data? Then you are not alone. Because for most teams, it’s often virtually impossible to tell what is going on with your data when you connect when you connect to multiple apps, databases, and clouds.

Well, thankfully your struggles are over. We're thrilled to introduce our new Connections Overview in open beta—a solution designed to streamline data management and empower you to leverage Amplitude's open partner ecosystem.

Connections Overview provides teams with a centralized view of all their data integrations connected to Amplitude. No more jumping through hoops! This intuitive interface enables you to effortlessly monitor data flow, understand how data is being ingested and utilized, and seamlessly manage connections from a single location.

Benefits at your fingertips:

  • Effortless data management: Say goodbye to scattered data sources and destinations. Amplitude Connections Overview offers a consolidated view, simplifying data management and streamlining your workflow.
  • Actionable insights at a glance: Gain valuable insights into your data ecosystem's health. Amplitude Connections Overview displays key metrics like the number of connected sources, data volume ingested, data destinations used, and events exported.
  • Unlock new data-driven possibilities: Connections Overview goes beyond just visualizing data; it equips you with the knowledge to unlock its full potential. Get guidance on various use cases and explore innovative ways to leverage your data for deeper insights and more effective decision-making.
Connections Overview

More than just connections: intelligent recommendations

But we are not stopping there. We are taking things one step further by introducing intelligent recommendations within Amplitude Connections Overview. This feature allows you to analyze your current data setup and suggests relevant sources and destinations you can leverage to significantly enhance your experience within Amplitude.

Imagine having potential integrations tailored to your specific needs, presented right where you manage your data ecosystem. This personalized approach empowers you to build a robust and interconnected data landscape, unlocking key use cases and maximizing the value you get from Amplitude data.

The future of data connectivity

Amplitude Connections Overview represents a significant leap forward in data exploration and integration within Amplitude. This powerful new feature empowers you to see the bigger picture, simplify data management, and unlock the full potential of your data ecosystem.

With a centralized view, key metrics, and personalized recommendations–Connections Overview equips you with the tools you need to transform your data into actionable insights and drive success.

Ready to experience the power of a connected data ecosystem? Explore Amplitude's Connections Overview capabilities today by clicking on “Data > Connections > Overview within Amplitude.”

About the Author
Image of Brandon Khoo
Brandon Khoo
Senior Product Manager, CDP, Amplitude
Brandon Khoo is a Senior Product Manager at Amplitude, leading the strategy and development of the Amplitude's insights-driven customer data platform. His role also involves defining the integration infrastructure for Amplitude’s partner ecosystem. Brandon is an alumnus of Uber and KPMG, and he holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Finance from the Queensland University of Technology.

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