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Mark is part of the Customer Success Team at Amplitude. He has been working in the Success realm for 6 years, and thoroughly enjoys interacting with customers and helping them find their “aha moments.” A native of LA he also enjoys nothing more than rooting for the Dodgers while living in San Francisco.

Don’t Build Products Just for Power Users

Their name says it all, power users. Users with power. They use your product regularly and as a result, know it inside and out. If your product has special features, they know about them and use them religiously. If your product needs an update or two, power users will let you know.

They’re your most engaged users, which make them valuable. They reach out to you first and give you feedback. Unlike average users who wait to hear from you, power users leave comments, in-app reviews and email you.

But just because you receive an outpouring of feedback from them, doesn’t mean you’re at their beck and call. They’re important, but they shouldn’t dictate everything you do.

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