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Datamonster spends most of its time nom nomming data and fulfilling duties as a cultural icon and brand ambassador for Amplitude. Datamonster wants everyone to know that there's a little data monster in all of us. You can find Datamonster (and become one yourself!) here:

Anastasia Fullerton

Meet the D1 Lacrosse Player Turned Customer Success Extraordinaire: Anastasia Fullerton

Helping customers be successful using a software product is a job that requires an incredible amount of versatility in skill. The challenges customers have being successful with the product are rarely as straightforward as simply learning the product. A good customer success manager contains multitudes.

This breadth of skill is a defining trait of Anastasia Fullerton, an Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Amplitude. A D1 Stanford Lacrosse player, tortilla chip connoisseur, and avid skier, Anastasia is also single handedly creating frameworks to help Amplitude customers be more successful.

Please meet the Ampliteer, Anastasia Fullerton…

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Meet the First Sales Hire at Amplitude: Christine Yang

If you ask a salesperson how she or he came to be a salesperson, probably no one will tell you it’s what they studied in school. Sales was not even remotely part of Christine Yang’s studies at  University of California, San Diego where she majored in Electrical Engineering and Physics. Nonetheless, she found her way into software. After a successful stint at Linkedin and two Bay Area startups she was the first sales hire at Amplitude. Today, the sales organization is 40 people and counting (we’re hiring!), and Christine, the extroverted engineer. is embarking on her fourth year with the team.

Please meet the Ampliteer, Christine Yang…

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meet the ampliteer, photo of nisha dwivedi

Meet the Ampliteer Defining What Sales Engineering Means at Amplitude: Nisha Dwivedi

Nisha Dwivedi joined Amplitude for the people and stayed for the learning. She leads the Sales Engineering team here. We talked with Nisha about how she got into sales engineering, how the role is evolving industry-wide to be more inclusive of women, and why investing in diversity and inclusion matter.

Please meet the Ampliteer, Nisha Dwivedi…

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Actionable Cohort Analysis – from Opticon 2015

How to use behavior-based cohorting to maximize engagement and retention

Most companies aren’t going deep enough with their user data. 

Conversion rates, retention, and segmenting by installing cohort help you identify where your users are getting stuck or leaving, but aren’t very helpful in telling you what you should do instead. 

In this session from Opticon 2015, our Cofounder & CEO Spenser Skates discusses how you can use behavior-based cohorting to maximize user engagement and retention. By grouping your users based on what actions they take, you’ll discover how you can improve your product to drive growth. 

As with Facebook’s famous ‘7 friends in 10 days’,  you can use behavioral cohort analysis to find the ‘a-ha’ moment or magic metric to focus your product around.  Continue reading