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Wendy is a Solutions Architect on the Success team, where she helps customers instrument and utilize Amplitude. She graduated from Stanford University and enjoys boards games, picnics, and learning a new skill every month.

Amplitude Update: Valentine’s Edition

Retention Improvements, Events Segmentation: Double Group By, Collaborator Permission Changes


1) Retention Improvements

We understand that retention is an important metric to concentrate on to increase your product’s growth. To help you better understand and analyze your retention, we’ve added new retention features and have changed how we compute retention.

In the following sections, you will find information on:

  • Bracket Retention
  • Unbounded Retention
  • Retention Over Time
  • Retention Computation Change

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Amplitude Update: Winter Edition

Formulas, GDE Summary, Hide User Properties, Revenue Properties Segmentation, Reordering Funnels, Outbound Integration



You can now write formulas in the Events Segmentation tab. This is helpful when you want to perform specific analyses on events.

For example, you may be interested in seeing the average number of calories logged per user per day, as seen in the below image.


Read more about formulas and the available functions here.

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Amplitude Product Update: Hourly Segmentation, Shareable Links, Annotations, & More!

Product Update, Hulk Edition: Hourly Segmentation, Event Flows Improvements, User Property Search, Shareable Links, Date Picker Improvements, Add Details to Annotations

Hourly Segmentation

You can now segment your data on an hourly basis in the Events Segmentation tab. This is helpful when you want to investigate events or detailed behavior by the hour.

For example, if you want to investigate at what times an event is most triggered, you can segment the event data on an hourly basis.

In the below image, we segmented the event data of “Create Post” on Nov 17th on an hourly basis. The data shows that users did “Create Post” the least around 4am UTC and the most around 7pm UTC on Nov 17th.

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