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Anastasia Fullerton

Meet the D1 Lacrosse Player Turned Customer Success Extraordinaire: Anastasia Fullerton

Helping customers be successful using a software product is a job that requires an incredible amount of versatility in skill. The challenges customers have being successful with the product are rarely as straightforward as simply learning the product. A good customer success manager contains multitudes.

This breadth of skill is a defining trait of Anastasia Fullerton, an Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Amplitude. A D1 Stanford Lacrosse player, tortilla chip connoisseur, and avid skier, Anastasia is also single handedly creating frameworks to help Amplitude customers be more successful.

Please meet the Ampliteer, Anastasia Fullerton…

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We’re Growing

In the last 12 months, we’ve seen large enterprises continue to invest in powerful product analytics to innovate faster and grow long-term revenue. We’ve 3x’d our enterprise customer base in the U.S. and in Europe, adding new customers including Microsoft, Capital One, Hubspot, Dailymotion, and  

To help us meet this growing demand, I’m excited to introduce two new hires to our team and funny enough, they share the same name. Erik de Muinck Keizer, a former Google executive, is now the General Manager of our EMEA team, leading our first international office in Amsterdam. Erik Watson, former Fastly executive, is our new VP of Enterprise Sales in North America.

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Meet the First Sales Hire at Amplitude: Christine Yang

If you ask a salesperson how she or he came to be a salesperson, probably no one will tell you it’s what they studied in school. Sales was not even remotely part of Christine Yang’s studies at  University of California, San Diego where she majored in Electrical Engineering and Physics. Nonetheless, she found her way into software. After a successful stint at Linkedin and two Bay Area startups she was the first sales hire at Amplitude. Today, the sales organization is 40 people and counting (we’re hiring!), and Christine, the extroverted engineer. is embarking on her fourth year with the team.

Please meet the Ampliteer, Christine Yang…

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meet the ampliteer, photo of nisha dwivedi

Meet the Ampliteer Defining What Sales Engineering Means at Amplitude: Nisha Dwivedi

Nisha Dwivedi joined Amplitude for the people and stayed for the learning. She leads the Sales Engineering team here. We talked with Nisha about how she got into sales engineering, how the role is evolving industry-wide to be more inclusive of women, and why investing in diversity and inclusion matter.

Please meet the Ampliteer, Nisha Dwivedi…

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Improving Diversity in our Recruiting Pipeline

As we discussed in our last blog post about Diversity & Inclusion at Amplitude, for the first half of 2017 the D&I team decided to focus on 4 core areas: measure the impact of projects by setting quantitative goals for success; recruit from a diverse candidate pool; enable employees through improved processes around hiring, promotion, etc.; and cultivate a more inclusive culture through both internal and external events. Continue reading

Of Datamonsters and Outliers

This post is by Tania Yu, one of Amplitude’s amazing summer interns. Check out the full post on our engineering blog to learn about her project detecting outliers and her summer at Amplitude.   

I’ve always loved cute things: kittens, Miyazaki films…you name it. So perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I interned at Amplitude this summer, a company with one of the cutest logos I’ve ever seen.

My first week at Amplitude was, admittedly, a bit of a blur. Within the first couple of days at work, at least 50 of my new coworkers must have approached me with a smile and a “Welcome to Amplitude!” Although my complete inability to match names to faces left me mostly confused, the cheerful chaos allayed any worries I might have held on that front. Between learning about the product and company, starting to implement my first feature, and attending a product event hosted by Amplitude (on my first day, no less), I came to an easy conclusion: people here move fast.

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Building Customer Empathy With Legos

At Amplitude, we pride ourselves in our attention to the customer. Not just in customer success or product management, but also in engineering, where Customer Focus is one of our guiding principles. Every line of code and every decision should ultimately come back to what the customer needs or wants.

When you’re not talking to customers every day, however, this sense of customer-centricity can get dulled. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to reinforce our values and exercise our “customer muscles” as engineers — we want to make sure we’re always thinking beyond the immediate ramifications of what we’re building.

As we discovered at Amplitude’s recent company offsite, one of the best ways to reinforce those values is by playing with Legos.

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