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It’s Dumb To Not Track All Your Data, Here’s Why

According to Ben Porterfield, co-founder and VP Engineering at Looker, there’s no such thing as tracking too much data. In fact, one of the most common mistakes even “smart” people make regarding their analytics is that they simply don’t track enough, he said in his interview with First Round Review.

Why should you want to track all your data in the first place?

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How the Fastest Growing Game In the App Store Retains Its Users

Building a data-driven culture isn’t easy. You need goals, metrics to track your progress, and an understanding of just what constitutes success. An obsession with data has to permeate every level of your organization and guide you in everything you do.

We love talking to our customers about how they’ve done it, and we especially love when we can share their insights with you. This past May, Amplitude Head of Product Justin Bauer spoke with Stefanía Bjarney Ólafsdóttir, Head of Data at Icelandic mobile gaming startup QuizUp.

1_Screenshot 2016-06-06 at 2.48.40 PM

They talked about the importance of data, how and why QuizUp wound up using Amplitude, and what challenges they’ve faced on the way to becoming a truly data-driven organization. Check out the full webinar here, or keep reading to learn more!

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How Square Built A Data-Driven Culture

Square’s products have transformed the way we think about commerce. The Square Reader turned internet-enabled iOS devices into points-of-sale, allowing entrepreneurs to accept credit cards anywhere. The iPad-enabled Square Stand gave businesses a more elegant and functional cash register.

Today, Square has a whole suite of products and services, but all of them have the same core value. They make commerce easy.

Square, of course, is no tiny startup anymore. They went public in 2015 and employ over 2,000 people. But the thing that’s set them apart from many other public companies is that their IPO did nothing to blunt their experimental spirit.

They’re still in hyper-growth mode. They’re not hanging back and maintaining. They’re constantly experimenting, trying out new ideas, and working to improve their products with data.

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You Deserve Better Analytics

The analytics space has no shortage of players. And yet, people are still not getting what they need from their analytics tools of choice. There are so few truly robust and effective analytics solutions out there that people have come to expect something second-rate.

It’s time to stop settling.

You deserve better analytics. And your customers deserve a better product.

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Why Your Analytics Needs to Track Across Multiple Platforms

You may think you have a handle on your user behavior, but unless your analytics are fully cross-platform you’re not going to be getting the full picture.

Users just don’t navigate apps in tidy, single-platform flows anymore.

In a study of e-commerce companies, Facebook found that 45% of all shopping journeys included at least one mobile event. For an e-commerce site, any one of those actions could be a crucial point of analysis.

Facebook's e-commerce platform study

More recently, referral marketing platform Extole found that similar cross-platform behavior had taken over the process of sending and receiving invites to try different services.

Extole cross-platform marketing referrals

“Advocates” sent links to their friends from desktops about 82% of the time, but those were only opened by friends on desktops about 54% of the time—28% of the time, they were opened on mobile.

The lesson is clear: people are not navigating products and services in a clean, tidy manner anymore. They are using several different platforms, often going back and forth between native apps, mobile sites, and desktop browsing as they make their way to becoming customers.

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