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Which Platform Should You Build Your Bot On?

Imagine buying a car or planning your next vacation through a messaging app. Bots are making this possibility a reality by changing how businesses and customers communicate.

They’ve been around for years, but as technology has improved, they’ve seen a major resurgence in recent years. They’ve reinvented themselves as an innovative way for brands to connect with their customers. Think Siri from Apple or the new Google Home.

The truth is that with all of the bots out there and the wide range of audiences they reach, you need a platform that will put you in front of the right customers.

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How Pokémon GO Lost the Players But Won the Game

Within 24 hours of its U.S. App Store release, Pokemon GO became the biggest game of 2016.

Pokemon GO broke the record for first-week downloads and became the fastest app ever to reach number one on the Top Grossing Apps chart.

Then public interest plummeted. Google Trends show a spike in public interest in the game—followed by a steep decline in the weeks after:

Pokemon GO Google trend spike

But Pokemon GO isn’t as short-lived as this spike and fall would suggest. Sure, the fad might have been over quickly—but the game is continuing to prove that it can be successful long after the hype.

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Here’s How the NFL Can Evolve Into a Content Platform

After the Rio Olympics, Stratechery’s Ben Thompson wrote an article questioning the fate of live sports. With streaming viewership up, Nielsen ratings down, and 50 million people just watching highlights on Snapchat, he urged media executives to consider whether sports in general was “must-see TV today, just another stream on Snapchat tomorrow.”

But Thompson’s nuclear scenario—advertisers fleeing the networks, the networks collapsing, and Snapchat or another platform taking over—assumes that the NFL and other sports leagues aren’t going to fight back.

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Chat Bots Won’t Replace Apps Any Time Soon

In many ways, 2016 has been the year of the bot. With so many successful companies — Slack, Facebook, Microsoft, Google — at the forefront of the chat bot revolution, some have even wondered if this was the beginning of the end for apps as we know it.

We surveyed over 150 individuals who work at software companies in product management, engineering, C-suite, and marketing roles to ask them how they use (or are planning to use) bots for their application.

The results are clear. The media might be playing up chat bots right now but many folks aren’t quite convinced of their value.

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Is Your App Ready for iOS 10?

Building a mobile app for iOS? Apple’s biggest iOS update offers unprecedented opportunities for developers, marketers, and product teams to reach their users more deeply. Now that you can build integrations into Apple’s core services like Messenger and Siri, you have an opportunity to extend your app’s influence and engage users like never before.

In the light of iOS 10, it’s time to take a closer look at your application and re-assess your user engagement tactics and make sure make sure you have the right analytics in place to track them.

Here are four iOS 10 updates that may affect your app’s user engagement.

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