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With over $3.7 trillion in client assets under management, Charles Schwab has been building a financial powerhouse for nearly 50 years. A lot has changed over that time, including consumers' expectation from a digital product. Learn how Amplitude's powerful platform can help Schwab democratize data for analysis and drive growth in total assets under management.

Amplitude has saved us months of engineering investments into understanding user behavior in our products.
Gooi ChungheongPrincipal Engineering ManagerMicrosoft

Learn how Microsoft uses Amplitude to increase engagement

Working with Amplitude's product analytics solution, the MyAnalytics team discovered which features drive habitual use and increased user engagement by 4x.

Put Amplitude’s Product Intelligence platform to work for your product


Democratize access to product data and metrics with easy-to-use and collaborative analytics.


Utilize behavioral reporting to see how users interact with your product.


Get instant, meaningful insights into what is and isn't working with a real-time platform.


Improve critical metrics like conversion and retention to drive revenue and impact for your company.

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