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What is the Datamonster Award?

Named for Amplitude’s mascot, a friendly monster with an outsize appetite for insights, these customers are dominating their data.

Over the last year, these data hungry Amplitude customers continuously created and shared the most insights weekly. Their prevailing efforts helped build data-informed cultures and bring teams closer to their customers. Let’s celebrate their stories!

Winners By the Numbers


weeks of the past year, these Datamonsters used Amplitude


countries represented across the 2021 winners


teams including product, marketing, data science, analytics, and leadership


returning winners — Andrew Thomas at CloudApp and Liliia Lutsenko at BetterMe

Meet the Datamonsters of the Year

Learn what these customers have accomplished with Amplitude


Robbin Brillantes

Data Analytics Head

Grew individuals accessing data by 10x over a year, shifting the company away from a legacy culture focused on monthly reporting data into a curious, question-asking culture.


Colin Whooten

Director of Product Management

Gained instant access to how patients, clinicians, and operations teams are behaving in a very complex kidney care clinical service.


Olivia Peng

Sr Data Scientist

Saved 2-4 hours per week by generating weekly auto reports for the advertising, operations, and data teams.


Liliia Lutsenko

Product Analyst

Helped product managers grow key products metrics by 14% on average.


Stefan Partin

Senior Data Scientist

Grew quarterly active users in Amplitude by 700% over the last 2 years.


Khairani Ummah

Product Analyst

With a deeper understanding of user behavior, improved report quality that is a key input for business decisions (conversion, time to convert, A/B Experiment).


Polina Orlowicz

Senior Product Analyst

Validated that feature creation aligned with user needs and enabled non-analysts to analyze user behavior.


Shuki Cohen

Head of Data

Shortened time-to-insight from several weeks to a few days and found nuances that led to large marketing budget optimizations.


Ariel Perucca

Data Analyst 

Grew data team members by 50% in 2021.


Julia Khokhanovska

Data Analyst

Saved ~40 hours of team work weekly in analytics.

What our “Datamonsters of the Year” receive

Winners are recognized by Amplitude and will be featured across Amplitude’s blog, social media channels, and media outreach. Winners will also receive:

  • 3 Amplify ’22 complimentary VIP passes
    The inside track to our popular user conference
  • Clout Kit
    A “Clout Kit” including social media badges, Zoom backgrounds, and a blog spotlight
  • Winners celebration package!
    Everything you need to celebrate your Datamonster status at home

Become a Datamonster

Start your own mastery of Amplitude. Join an upcoming Amplitour session and visit our product education hub.
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