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Meet the Digital Analytics Platform.

The first unified system that brings together an entirely new depth of customer understanding with the speed of action to optimize experiences in the moment.

Amplitude Analytics

Answer more questions, make more impactful decisions and drive more outcomes with the #1 rated product analytics solution.

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Amplitude Recommend

The first truly self-service personalization engine for marketing and product to deliver experiences that adapt to every user.

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Analytics and personalization powered by the most intelligent, high-performing database for digital behavior.

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Data Management

Integrate, resolve and manage a complete, comprehensive view of your customer and product data.

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Amplitude Experiment

The first experimentation solution powered by analytics and customer behavior to determine and deliver the best customer experience.

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and understand customer behavior in a new way.


which actions lead to business outcomes.


each experience to maximize impact.

Close the loop between data, insight and action.

See Amplitude in action, from capturing the right data to understanding and optimizing every customers’ experience.

Data, insight and action–at scale


average monthly customer behaviors tracked


products implemented and discovering insights


targeted experiences

Disrupting is a team sport.

Unify every team with visibility and speed to act together.


Empowering the top product teams in the world to make data-driven decisions and build products that drive outcomes.

  • Analyze product usage
  • Find moments of impact
  • Adapt products to each user
  • Create data-driven roadmaps
  • Maximize monetization


Enabling marketing teams to measure critical digital metrics and grow customer engagement and lifetime value.

  • Optimize acquisition programs
  • See the customer journey
  • Identify high-value audiences
  • Collaborate with product
  • Make 1:1 personalization possible


Bringing engineering teams closer to the customer and business while enabling them to build faster than ever before.

  • Ship features faster
  • Run better tests
  • See customer impact
  • Create trustworthy data
  • Spot anomalies and bugs

Data Science

Helping analytics and data scientists limitlessly explore behavioral data and save countless hours with best-in-class self-service solutions.

  • Democratize insights
  • Scale data literacy
  • Answer questions instantly
  • Refocus on strategic projects
  • Access pre-built models


Giving leaders the insights to track digital business performance and connect strategy to customers and business value.

  • Monitor top KPIs
  • Connect product to revenue
  • Out-innovate competition
  • Create data-driven culture
  • Improve customer experience

Where the rubber meets the road.

The Amplitude System connects digital products directly to customer outcomes—and optimizes the business value of digital investments.


increase in conversions

Maximize digital product revenues.

Improve key metrics like activations, retention, order size & frequency, subscribers and lifetime value.


increase in productivity

Drive efficiency without sacrificing customer experience.

Reinvest data science and analyst time while lowering legacy analytics spend.


average ROI

Mitigate innovation risks.

Reduce product rollbacks, spot anomalies & bugs and address privacy concerns.

The Digital Analytics Ecosystem.

Our system extends beyond our suite. You can integrate with the system, implement the system and grow with the system.


Teams of experts to help you become a disruptor, no matter where you are in your journey.


Winners are moving beyond ‘growth hacking’ to leveraging integrated technologies to systematically growth.


Diverse expertise and documentation to help you get the most out of your Amplitude investment.


It takes knowledge, skills and a set of best practices to transform teams and industries.


Why digital teams needed a new system.

A new “Big Idea” report from Constellation research unpacks the forces and nuances that have led to a new way of working and a mission-critical system for digital businesses.

  • How have customers and products changed forever?
  • Why measure behaviors over experiences?
  • What infrastructure is used by the top digital products?
  • Why are BI and marketing clouds not the answer?


The rock-n’-rollin’ workshop for total beginners in product-led growth.

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Making the Leap to a Digital-First Enterprise.

Learn how digital business leaders around the globe are building a digital-first strategy for competitive advantage.

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Digital Disruptors Summit

Hear real-world stories from the digital disruptors upending their industries. Get inspired and join the movement!

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