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At Amplitude, we’re building the future of product analytics to help our customers use data to build better products and drive growth. We’re already the platform of choice for many top product teams including Square, Udacity, Venmo, and Microsoft. By joining us, you’ll be a driving force behind the technology that enables everyone to build high-quality digital product experiences.

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The best predictor of quality is number of iterations. We believe the best way for our customers to build better products is to iterate quickly, enabled by fast, easy-to-use analytics. Our development mentality is the same. We deploy multiple times a day, ship MVPs to production, and regularly get features in the hands of customers for feedback.

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The analytics space comes with no shortage of challenging technical problems. Whether it’s querying billions of rows in seconds, building a highly interactive and stateful interface, or turning customer pain into customer delight, we lean into these challenges and help each other solve them. The best way to learn is by doing. The next best way to learn is by asking.

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Frontend Engineering

Modern React-Powered Interface

The frontend is the centerpiece of Amplitude and how we turn a traditionally complex and intimidating experience into user empowerment. We work closely with our talented design and product teams to build fast, reliable, and intuitive user interfaces. Our web application is built on a modern stack of React, Redux, Highcharts, D3, and node, and speaks to a Python API server.

Open Source

Querying Tens of Billions of Events

At the core of Amplitude is a flexible and scalable query system that enables customers to ask questions about their data. Written in Java and backed by Amazon S3, our proprietary distributed column store Nova is specifically designed for interactive behavioral analysis. It regularly serves queries over tens of billions of events in seconds, and we’re constantly innovating on its functionality and efficiency.

Tech Talks

Infrastructure Automation at Scale

In the analytics space, needing to operate securely at scale is a given. We run over 1000 instances in Amazon's Virtual Private Cloud with a lean engineering team, and we regularly deploy over 50 microservices that power the product. Our DevOps efforts rely on a suite of powerful automation and monitoring tools: Docker, SaltStack, Terraform, DataDog, PagerDuty, and Jenkins.

Tech Talks

Ingesting 150,000 Events/second

We collect and process over 200 billion data points every month, peaking at over 150,000 events/second. We’ve built a horizontally scalable, highly available system that can smoothly scale up and down with incoming traffic. We make this happen by leveraging great open-source technologies like Kafka, PostgreSQL, Redis, Cassandra, and ElasticSearch.