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MAU Vegas 2023

May 23 – 25, 2023 at MGM Grand Las Vegas

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Yes to Growth, No to Silos: Uniting Product + Marketing

If retention is the engine that drives mobile growth, then acquisition is the fuel. But how do you make sure your acquisition strategy fits into your growth model? This was a critical question for Zillow, who operates the most visited real estate apps in the US.

In this session, Alex Luchini, Director of Product Management, Customer & Analytical Data at Zillow will join Justin Bauer, CPO at Amplitude, to share how marketing and product teams can break down silos and unite on a complete view of the customer journey to drive sustainable growth.

Walk away with pragmatic insights on using data to identify the right bets, reducing dysfunction across departments, and what growth strategies to implement to thrive in any economy.

Rewatch Our Featured Session