Amplitude Solutions Partner Program

Amplitude Solutions Partners are the best-in-class product and analytics services providers, using Amplitude to help their customers build better products. We do not offer our own professional services, so we designed a program that promotes and rewards our partners as they develop their Amplitude offering.

Why partner with Amplitude

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Limit business volatility with retained service models

Increase your business predictability and reduce the risk of customer churn.

Open new revenue streams and grow current customers

Implementing, managing and providing strategic guidance on the Amplitude platform presents significant opportunities to attract new customers and offer new services to existing customers.

Scale your organization with our sales, marketing and enablement resources

Boost your team’s knowledge with our training and certiffcations. Leverage our experienced sales team on pitches and early customer conversations. Promote your company through joint events and marketing.

Work with the best-in-class product analytics provider

Increase the value you deliver to your customers, become a strategic partner, and reduce costly time wasted in outdated tools.

Program requirements

After you have applied online, become a Solutions Partner in 5 simple steps:

  • Complete your company profile
  • Pass Amplitude Certifications
  • Meet the new business collaboration requirements
  • Create your Partnership Page
  • Demonstrate your capabilities through client and partnership growth

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