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May 14th Speakers

3:00pm - 5:00pm CEST

Itamar Gilad

Product management coach, speaker and author
Itamar is a veteran product manager, coach and speaker with over 20 years experience at Google, Microsoft and other companies. He helps companies build...
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Ex-Google PM

Barron Ernst

Product Leader
Barron recently joined Zenly as a Product Leader. He was formerly the Director of Product at Booking.com and Chief Product Officer at Showmax, where he...
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Olga Gębka

Senior Data Analyst
Olga drives product and marketing projects at Freeletics, using data to deliver lasting value for free athletes using the app. Freeletics is a global fitness...
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Eli Cohen

Senior Product Manager
Eli runs the growth team at Freeletics, focusing on monetization. Freeletics is a global fitness app providing personalized plans for users based on their...
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Adrian Gregory

Director of Customer Success
Adrian leads the Customer Success team in EMEA for Amplitude. The mission of the team is to help customers get the most out of Amplitude to help drive...
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Brittany Kent

Manager, Solutions Consulting
Brittany leads the Solution Consulting team in EMEA for Amplitude. She specializes in helping companies identify strategies that will help them grow their...
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