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  • Track all the data you need to make the best product and business decisions
  • Get data insights that you trust without relying on sampling
  • Scale to billions of monthly events and hundreds of analytics end-users without sacrificing query performance

What does it mean for analytics to be ‘scalable’?

Scalable analytics can handle increasing volumes of data and growing numbers of users without relying on sampling or sacrificing performance. As your company experiences growth, you will most likely begin to collect and analyze greater amounts of data. As more individuals in your organization get data access, your analytics solution will need to handle more real-time queries without slowing down performance.

“From where I stand, this is the best analytics solution I can see for everybody’s needs. You can throw as much data at the platform as you want, and answer all of your questions when they arise.” Zouhair Belkoura, CEO & Founder, KeepSafe

The most accurate web and mobile user behavior analysis

As your company grows, making data-driven product decisions will become increasingly critical and necessary. Using an analytics solution that scales effectively allows you to:

Trust your data: Hitting the limits of an unscalable backend architecture often forces you to sample your data. Because of this, it is difficult to trust your data; insights that you get from sampled data can be misleading and inaccurate. A scalable solution that does not rely on sampling allows you to fully trust your analytical insights.

Track what you want: If you have to pick and choose which events to track, or only look at high-level KPIs, you’ll miss key insights into how people are using your product. A scalable analytics solution will allow you to track all the events you need to more deeply understand your users, without breaking the bank.

Maintain velocity: A scalable solution for behavioral analyses lets you perform complex queries with no lag in performance. You can continue to quickly derive data insights and iterate on your product in real-time, no matter what your data volume is or how many people are using the analytics platform at one time.

By leveraging scalable analytics to understand user behavior, you will be empowered to drive higher engagement, retention, and conversion.

Learn Why Sampling is Bad for Growth

Scale to billions of events and perform complex analyses with Amplitude

With Amplitude, you can scale your analytics across three levels: data volume, price, and multiple end-users, without sacrificing performance. Our platform can support multiple users simultaneously running behavioral queries on rapidly growing volumes of data.

Amplitude handles tens of billions of events without sampling and returns 95% of queries in under 3 seconds.


How Rocket Games scaled to 3 billion monthly events in one year

Rocket Games creates casino games for mobile platforms. As they gained traction, it was clear they were outgrowing their current analytics vendors. Queries were slow and it would take 1-2 days for data to reach their dashboards. Rocket Games eventually chose Amplitude for its scalability; in one year, they scaled from 200 million monthly events to 3 billion, across over 40 different apps.

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Nova: Architecture built for behavioral analytics

The key to providing high-performance analytics at scale is the architecture that powers Amplitude’s platform. Our behavioral analytics platform is powered by Nova, an architecture that is designed to answer questions about user behavior at any scale without losing query performance.

Nova was designed with three key goals in mind:

Deliver analytics at massive scale, regardless of event volume.

Enable you to gain even deeper behavioral insights quickly, e.g. through the complex analyses that underlie tools like Compass and Pathfinder.

Provide lightning performance so queries are returned nearly instantly.

An in-house column store for behavioral analytics

To accomplish these goals, we’ve built an architecture that prioritizes query flexibility. With our in-house column-oriented database (i.e. column store), customers take advantage of features that enable even deeper understanding of user behavior.

Nova uses a real-time MapReduce computation model as its query framework, since nearly any type of analytical query can be represented as a MapReduce. In behavioral analytics, since you care about actions performed by a single user, Nova utilizes a user-centric MapReduce model; this allows for parallelized behavioral analyses across huge user bases.

What does this all mean?

With Nova, Amplitude customers have reduced query times by 50% while having access to greater amounts of data, allowing them to understand user behavior faster and at a deeper level than ever before.

This means you can get the user behavior insights you need without ever worrying about hitting the limits of the analytics architecture.

Interested in learning more about Nova? Download the white paper here


How KeepSafe scaled to >10 million DAUs

The KeepSafe app allows users to privately save photos and files behind a locked PIN on their mobile devices. When they hit over 10 million DAUs, they realized they had outgrown their previous analytics vendor, whose pricing became unreasonable at high volumes. CEO and Cofounder Zouhair Belkoura chose Amplitude for its ability to handle their growing volumes while remaining cost-effective.

Nova enables next-generation behavioral analyses

Nova enables advanced behavioral analyses — for example, the queries in Compass and Pathfinder — over large sets of user data, with no change in dashboard performance.

With Pathfinder, you can visualize all of the paths users take through your mobile or web application.

Using Compass, you can understand which user behaviors best predict retention.