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Snowflake Summit 2023

June 26-29, 2023 at Caesars Forum Las Vegas

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What's New: Application Development

June 28 11:30AM - 12:15PM PDT and June 29 10:30AM - 11:15AM PDT

Join this session to learn about the latest enhancements to help you build, operate, scale, and distribute your applications in the Data Cloud. You'll hear best practices from builders who are leveraging different deployment models on Snowflake and learn from Snowflake product leaders about how you can build high-performance and differentiated applications with Snowflake's latest features. Amplitude's CEO and Founder, Spenser Skates will join Snowflake's Senior Director of Product Management, Christian Child for a fireside chat during part of this session.

Watch Us Live - On Stage With Snowflake

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Unleashing the Power of Customer Data: Square's Journey with Amplitude and Snowflake

June 27 at 1pm in the Expo Hall

Square has always been committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience, and they knew that leveraging customer data was critical to delivery. However, relying solely on data teams to make sense of siloed customer data was limiting their ability to extract insights and take actions at scale. In this session, we'll dive into Square's journey with Amplitude and Snowflake. You'll learn how they overcame their data integration challenges, leveraged Amplitude's profile properties to create audience segments, and gained unprecedented insights into customer behavior. Join us to discover how you can also unlock the power of customer data and accelerate your business growth.

Watch Us Live - Theater Session

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