Amplitude vs. Mixpanel

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Teams who have made the switch to Amplitude

Amplitude provides us a richer and deeper framework beyond what we could get from Mixpanel. We move faster, ideate quicker, and understand our users more deeply. We can socialize insights more effectively across the organization and take more immediate action to improve our customer experience. Other vendors don’t have a vision and a path forward as we do with Amplitude. We feel like we’re partners together in this, more so than just a customer and a client.
VP of ProductNBC Universal
Amplitude vs. Mixpanel Comparison Category
Visualize user behavior and measure usage with self-serve reporting
Create behavioral cohorts to analyze and compare custom segments
Measure new users becoming high-value customers by tracking 1st time milestones
Find the happy path to high-value customers by starting with the 2nd purchase, video view, etc. and working backwards.
Discover the experiences separating high-value customers from everyone else with conversion driver analysis
Track the unique engagement patterns of high-value customers with custom periods and unbounded retention
Plot improvements to loyalty by visualizing retention change over time
Identify the areas of your product most frequented by high-value customers with Engagement Matrix
Build a cohort with a click from an unexpected user path to investigate further using Microscope
Understand which paths are driving the most conversions in Pathfinder
Uncover cross-sell opportunities to build new high-value customers with multi-product user tracking
Push behavioral cohorts to the most best-in-breed marketings tools for easy targeting
Organize KPIs, insights, and analyses for easier communication and faster onboarding for new employees with Team Spaces
Share findings and new releases asynchronously so you can skip the meeting with Google Doc-like Notebooks
Standardize team reporting by turning best practices into templates
Find the right data for any analysis and help novice users confidently build analyses with Event Explorer
Manage projects as a team with co-owner permissions for charts, dashboards, notebooks, and more
Create public links for easy sharing to partners or other internal teams
Fix any data value error retroactively without writing a line of code
Plan your data schema on platform to automatically reject or quarantine malformed data
Get suggested events to new years know which data points they should look at first
Ingest data from the most important tools in your stack like Adobe, Intercom, and Salesforce
Get piece of mind knowing your data is secure with a platform certified for ISO 27001
Work with a recognized AWS Partner for Digital Customer Experience & Retail Competencies