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We can answer your questions

As former app developers, we know how important it is for you to understand your users because
the decisions you make depend on how people are using your app.

where are
users dropping out
of my funnels?

Who are my
most retained

Who am I
best able to

That’s why we built a comprehensive platform that answers the questions you have about your users.
So if you want to know where users are dropping out of your funnels, who your most retained are, or who you
are able to best monetize
, we can tell you.

Use Amplitude to understand your users and take action.

Take your data back into your own hands

We’re clear with how we do things at Amplitude and we don’t hide anything from you.

Open Source SDK: see exactly how we track your data and make adjustments to your liking.

Direct Amazon Redshift Access: connect directly to your database and write custom SQL queries to do further custom analysis on your data.

Data Export: you don’t have to jump through hoops to get your data. One-click export keeps your data in your own hands.

See the Full Spectrum: understand the whole picture of your data from aggregate metrics organized by user segments to session event logs of individual users.


Integrating with Amplitude only takes minutes – to be precise, the time it takes you to type a single line of our code into your app.

With a single line of code, you’ll be tracking daily, weekly, and monthly active users, sessions, retention, device types, platform, country, language, app version, location, and more all out of the box. Yes, it’s that easy and that fast.

Don’t worry, it won’t get harder than that– just add a line of code to track additional events within a session. Our infrastructure does the powerful analysis for you and displays data in a dynamic and clean UI.

Bring a question, we’ll give you the answer.

step 1
get your code

step 2
paste it into
the application

step 3
analyze results


come with questions
leave with answers.

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