To drive growth, you need to
understand user behavior.

Discover the user actions that drive growth with our scalable analytics platform for mobile & web.

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Every day, our customers use Amplitude to understand
the user behaviors that drive their apps' growth.

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Answer your critical questions about user behavior

With flexible dashboards and data science tools like behavior-based cohorting,
the answers you need are just a few clicks away.

Full-feature analytics platform so you can segment your users and analyze funnels, retention, and revenue.

Drill down on behaviors that maximize engagement, retention, and revenue with behavioral cohorting*.

See common sequences of actions users are taking in your app with event flows.

Dedicated customer success manager* acts as an addition to your data science team.

*available on Enterprise plans

“Amplitude is essential for answering questions that drive our business forward.”

- Marcelo Savignano, HERE (Nokia), Senior Business Analyst

Have direct access to all of your raw data

We provide you with your own Amazon Redshift data store,
so you can write SQL queries to answer any question.

Real-time queries

Thanks to a back-end optimized
for large data volumes.

Data warehousing

We take care of the whole ETL pipeline
so you don't have to.

Query directly on Redshift

Connect to your Amazon Redshift database
to write SQL queries for custom analysis.

One-click data export

Keep your data in your hands.

“By housing all our raw data for us in Redshift, Amplitude allows us to run custom queries and answer any question.”

- Gloria Lau, Timeful, VP of Data

Get fair pricing, no matter the data volume

Comfortably measure whatever you want without worrying about the bill. We won't punish you for growing.

Whether you're pre-launch or have 500 million users, we have a plan to fit your volume and budget. Get a flat-rate annual contract with plenty of room to grow.

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“With our previous analytics provider, we were literally forced to do a cost-benefit analysis for any event we wanted to track.

Amplitude's pricing allows us to track everything that's important to us, even as we grow.”

- Shane Hall, The Hunt, Head of Product

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built for your app's growth.

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