About Amplitude

Amplitude was founded in 2012 by Spenser Skates and Curtis Liu. The pair pivoted to analytics after first working on a text-by-voice app called Sonalight and realizing that the available analytics tools couldn’t meet their needs. They set out to solve their own pain points around mobile analytics, and ended up building Amplitude.

Amplitude provides mobile analytics that helps companies leverage data to drive explosive user growth. Built on the industry’s most scalable platform, we ensure that customers never have to worry again about increasing data volumes.

We also enable companies to dive into their behavioral data like never before, accessing what we’ve dubbed the behavioral layer: the rich layer between reporting dashboards and raw data which reveals deep, dynamic patterns of user behavior. Unlocking this layer is the key to driving growth.

Our Investors

Dave Morin
Charlie Cheever
Neeraj Agrawal
Anil Dharni
Adam Draper
Jared Kopf
Matt Huang
Roy Sehgal

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