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Know More to Grow More

Amplitude shows you what your customers are doing—and why—so you can deliver the products and services they love and keep them coming back for more.

Know More to Grow More

We help our customers ditch the guesswork and find why users convert

Too many companies are in the dark about how their digital product investments drive revenue. Start by looking at user behavior to understand what makes them convert into paying customers.

When you’re spending enormous resources to attract and engage customers, you should be sure your business is making money from them.


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Amplitude helps solve the most critical monetization challenges

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Optimize the path to purchase

Increase conversion rates by understanding which user actions lead to revenue generation.

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Turn free users into paid customers

Large freemium base? Dial in on the right trials, paid features, and campaigns to convert them to paid plans.

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Build up your upsell and cross-sell levers

Use behavioral insights to scale experimentation and personalization to maximize ARPU and average order value.

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“Amplitude is the central place to measure impact so we’re able to move faster. We’ve been able to reduce our acquisition costs by 30% while also increasing first-time orders by 10%.”

Guillermo Plaza Roche, Co-founder, Rappi
Guillermo Plaza Roche
Co-Founder & Product Lead

Empower every team to drive and measure revenue impact

SaaS? Retail? Ad-supported? Affiliate? No matter your monetization model, amazing things happen when cross-functional teams align and take action on trusted insights across the customer journey.


Measure the revenue generation impact of marketing campaigns and product personalization with audience segments backed by first-party data.


Get self-service insights on what your customers value. Run experimentation at scale to remove friction from their path.


Get all the governance, privacy, and security you need—integrated with your existing stack. Enable business teams with self-service insights, experimentation, and activation.

Improve monetization with one platform for insights, experimentation, and activation

Here are just some of the Amplitude capabilities that product and marketing teams leverage to accelerate conversion and revenue.


See which customer journeys lead to revenue

Explore any number of user journeys in one visual timeline. See events in sequence to identify friction and areas of opportunity across the many paths your customers take to purchase.

  • Identify user journeys that lead to conversion, multiple transactions, or drop-off.
  • Group users into cohorts for targeted experiences and offers that increase conversions.
  • Link business decisions to outcomes by measuring new product experiences.
A screenshot of top customer paths resulting in a completed purchase
Funnel Analysis

Measure and perfect your conversion funnel

See how users navigate a certain path to identify conversion drivers and key touchpoints, so you can optimize for the seamless experiences your customers expect.

  • Build custom, multistep funnels in minutes.
  • Compare user groups that convert to those that drop off.
  • Discover high-value onboarding or checkout actions at a glance.
A screenshot of conversion funnel chart in Amplitude
Amplitude Session Replay

Diagnose issues fast with qualitative insights

Marry rich quantitative insights with real-time qualitative feedback to create frictionless purchase and upgrade flows.

  • Visualize what conversion metrics mean in real life.
  • Generate a macro-view of how behaviors might impact revenue generation.
  • Diagnose anomalies to better understand changes in your product.
A screenshot of session replay interface in Amplitude
Cart Analysis

Tie merchandising to customer behavior

Curb cart abandonment and increase upsells by analyzing conversions by item attributes such as brand, category, price, SKU, and more.

  • Measure your top-performing product categories.
  • Stay on top of trending product combinations.
  • Identify upsell opportunities to increase basket size.
A screenshot of a cart analysis chart in Amplitude
Amplitude Experiment

Validate growth opportunities in real-time

Test, learn, and release revenue-accelerating features and products in a few simple clicks with one platform—no analyst support needed.

  • Run targeted experiments across devices on key cohorts with ease.
  • Increase trial conversions and polish checkout flows with personalized experiences.
  • Deliver tests safely with built-in enterprise-ready feature management, security, and governance.
A screenshot of an experimentation result in Amplitude
Amplitude Audiences

Deliver personalized experiences at scale

Use behavioral cohorts to power marketing campaigns and real-time personalization.

  • Combine customer behaviors, product data, profile data, and more to build audience lists.
  • Use predictive cohorts to tailor campaigns: send reminders to the highest propensity customers, special offers to those on the fence, and fresh engagement strategies to the ones least likely to convert.
  • Create automated syncs from lists you build to any tool in your stack for reliability, consistency, and repeatability.
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