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Free Product Insights for a Year

Get all the tools you need to understand users and find market fit—Analytics, Experiment, Session Replay, Customer Data Platform (CDP)—with free access to the Amplitude Growth plan for one year.

Free Product Insights for a Year
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“Amplitude has been essential in helping us understand which features drive the most traffic, how users access those features, and, critically, analyze the impact. This has helped us identify new opportunities for growth and improvement.”

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Do you qualify?

Choose from three programs with big savings on Amplitude’s unified Digital Analytics Platform.

Startup Scholarship

Get one year of free access to the Amplitude Growth plan. Includes the full Growth feature suite—Amplitude Analytics, Experiment, Session Replay, CDP—and competitive discounts for life.


  • Less than $10M in funding raised
  • Fewer than 20 employees
Startup Scholarship
We also offer

Two more scholarships

Tech for Black Founders Scholarship

Free and unlimited access to the Amplitude Growth plan for as long as the eligibility criteria are met, plus competitive discounts for life.


  • Less than $30M in funding raised
  • Fewer than 150 employees
  • Based in the United States
Portfolio Company Discount

Save at least 25% or more on the Growth plan for one year if you’re a portfolio company with one of our venture partners.


  • Less than $25M in funding
  • Y Combinator, AWS, and Sequoia companies at any funding level
  • Not currently an Amplitude customer

What do you get?

Premium-level analytics that won’t eat into your runway

First year free

Data-driven decision making

Amplitude’s all-in-one platform gives you analytics, experimentation, and CDP. Use powerful tools to gain clear user insights and find market fit quickly.

  • 15 analytics projects per month with built-in experimentation
  • Key startup features: Session Replay, pathfinder, behavioral cohorts
  • Unlimited feature flags, chart saves, and CDP data
Data-driven decision making

Get help and build confidence

Need a hand? Join Amplitude Cohort, a community of 2,400+ peers where you can get answers to questions, learn skills, and level up your analytics practice.

Get help and build confidence
Startup friendly

Templates and dashboards

Save time with pre-built templates and workflows that show you how to spin up your first dashboard, automate reporting, and measure what matters.

Templates and dashboards

Helping startups find their path to success

Additional programs

Save at every stage

As a trusted partner of leading accelerators and global VCs, Amplitude is proud to help startups grow and succeed with trusted insights for each step.

Save at every stage

Frequently asked questions

For tech support, implementation, and feature questions, you can access the Amplitude Support Forum. If you need help with non-technical issues, join our community Slack space. Both support channels are available to startups as part of Amplitude Cohort, our free support community of 2,400+ peers and experts.

We approve over 96% of scholarship applicants. You’re qualified for an Amplitude scholarship if you are a:

  • Startup with <20 full-time employees and <$10M in funding
  • Black-led startup with <150 employees, <$30M in funding, and based in the United States
  • Portfolio company with an Amplitude venture partner, and not a current customer

Y Combinator, Sequoia, and AWS ecosystem companies are eligible for the Amplitude Scholarship program regardless of their funding or headcount.

The Growth plan has a data limit of 200,000 monthly tracked users (MTUs). Each time you track a user interaction inside one of your analytics projects, that’s an MTU. For early-stage startups, 200K MTUs is typically more than enough. You can also choose to measure data use by event volume (20M events/month) instead of MTUs if it helps extend your data usage. To explore your options, contact us at

Basically, you'll have full and immediate access to every feature, template, and add-on in the Growth plan for free for a year if you use analytics at a reasonable pace.

Fill out the application for the Startup Scholarship program, the Tech for Black Founders Scholarship, or the Portfolio Company Discount. We’ll review your application within two business days, then contact you via email. If you’re accepted into a program, you can start using everything in the Growth plan for free immediately.

You’ll receive email reminders near the end of your free year. You can continue with the Growth plan on a paid basis or move to the free Starter plan. Startup Scholarship and Tech for Black Founders Scholarship recipients also unlock competitive discounts on the Growth plan and multiple other plan options for every year after.

An MTU is a unique user who triggers one or more events in an analytics or experimentation project in a calendar month. This can be either an anonymous user (which Amplitude tracks via device ID) or an identified user (tracked by user ID). Basically, the more user interactions tracked across all projects in a month, the higher the MTU count.

Your MTU count reflects the total number of unique users tracked across all your analytics and experimentation projects in a month. This article walks you through exactly how to estimate and track MTUs.

You won’t be charged if you exceed the 200K MTUs included with the Growth plan each month. Instead, we’ll contact you about lowering your MTU count the following month. You can always upgrade to get more MTUs. If you exceed the MTU count more than twice, you’ll be downgraded to our free Starter plan.

You get one free year of the Amplitude Growth plan. This includes essential features for startups like Amplitude Analytics, Experiment, Session Replay, and CDP, as well as premium advanced features, add-ons, and access to Amplitude’s Cohort community. After your free first year, you’ll enjoy competitive discounts on multiple plan options on an ongoing basis, so you can find a plan that fits your needs at every stage of your journey.

With Amplitude’s all-in-one platform, you can access Amplitude Analytics, Experiment, and CDP in a single unified dashboard. This one view allows teams to gather data and insights using Analytics and Experiment that run on all their data. Experiment comes with feature management, data quality checks, and more.

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"You feel like Amplitude is on your side. They want you to have success and get results, as opposed to just, ‘Hey, here’s your analytics platform."

—Alex Tew, CEO, Calm