Amplitude for Startups

Free Product Insights for a Year

Get all the tools you need to understand users and find market fit—Analytics, Experiment, Session Replay, Customer Data Platform (CDP)—with free access to the Amplitude Growth plan for one year.

Free Product Insights for a Year

Amplitude Programs for Startups

Whether you're pre-seed or Series C, Amplitude has the right program for you.

Startup Scholarship
Startup Scholarship

One year of free access to Amplitude Growth Plan. Startups are eligible if they meet the following criteria:

  • Raised less than $10M in funding
  • Employ fewer than 20 people
Tech for Black Founders
Tech for Black Founders

Unlimited access to Amplitude Growth Plan. Early-stage startups are eligible if they meet the following criteria:

  • Raised less than $30M in funding
  • Employ fewer than 150 people
  • Led by one or more Black founders
  • Headquartered in the U.S.
Discounts for Portfolio Partners
Discounts for Portfolio Partners

25% off of the Growth Plan for free for a 1-year contract. Portfolio companies of Amplitude venture partners are eligible if they meet the following criteria:

  • Private company up to Series C
  • Not currently a paying customer
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“Without Amplitude, we would need 2x as many analysts to answer the questions people are answering self-serve now.”

Senior Product Manager

Resources for Startups

From blogs to Amplitude Academy courses, we are here to support you.

How Startups Leverage Customer-led Development

Co-founder of ClearBrain, Eric Pollmann, shares product development advice he learned from navigating the startup journey prior to his company being acquired by Amplitude

The developers guide to Amplitude

Learn technical best practices for getting up and running with Amplitude. Everything you need to begin integrating, instrumenting, and extending Amplitude's products today.

What Is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

Learn more about MVPs—minimum viable products (derisked, initial versions of a new product or feature). Designed to elicit feedback from early users and empower teams to build, ship, and learn—faster.

Tools to accelerate conversion and monetization

Accelerate how your digital products drive your bottom line. Easily see what’s working to increase revenue and take action to optimize, personalize, and scale the customer experience.

How to leverage analytics to achieve product-market fit

Ex-VP of Product at Acorns and Partner at Uptech Studios, Matthew New, chats with our Amplitude community about using analytics to drive startup success.

Struggling to retain users?

Learn how Amplitude’s Retention Chart can help drive product adoption. This course is designed for users who want to get more out of the analyses they build.

A guide to product metrics investors care about

We talked to top investors at Sequoia, General Catalyst, First Round Capital, DCM, and Banana Capital about what product metrics matter for startup fundraising.

Compare product metrics with your peers

Explore product data benchmarks across industries, regions, and company size to better understand the relative performance of your key product indicators.

Navigating Startup Fundraising

From Product-Market Fit to compelling pitch deck, learn the product insights and pitch deck strategies that startup founders must leverage when speaking with investors.

Live Training and Webinars

Looking for some help? We are here to support you with live and recorded training webinars hosted by Amplitude experts.

Top 5 Metrics to Track for Digital Adoption

Boost your digital product adoption with five essential metrics. Explore feature usage, activation rates, NPS, and more for success!

8 SEO Tactics to Boost Organic Growth for Startups

From improving your content marketing to rethinking your link-building approach, learn how to develop your SEO strategy quickly and affordably.

Build confidence in your analytics practice.

Join Cohort. A community where you can learn new skills and level up your analytics practice. Connect with fellow startup founders in #startups.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You’ve received less than $10 million in funding.
  • You have fewer than 20 employees. Don’t worry, we’re not counting your contractors; just full-time employees.

Y Combinator and AWS ecosystem companies are also eligible for our Scholarship program regardless of their funding or size.

You’ll get 200,000 Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs) — more than enough data to get you to product-market fit. You also get full access to features on our paid Growth plan, including Behavioral Cohorts, Pathfinder, advanced collaboration features, and more.

Yes, we’ll provide you with self-serve onboarding materials when your Amplitude Startup Scholarship starts. You’ll also have access to our support team and Amplitude’s community, where our users share best practices and leverage special access to training and support.

At the end of one year, you’ll have the option to either upgrade to the Growth plan or go back to the Free plan. The Free plan offers 50K MTUs and our core analytics features. We cannot grant extensions past one year for the Amplitude Startup Scholarship.

We’ll give you the option to decrease your MTU limit the following month or start a 30 day trial of the Growth plan to decide whether you’d like to upgrade for more event volume. If you go over the MTU limit more than twice, your account will be downgraded to the Free plan.

Scholarship recipients will have a dedicated space within Cohort, Amplitude’s open-invite slack community, where you can learn from and chat with fellow founders, builders, and industry experts.