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October 3, 2023

What Is Multivariate Testing? How to Use It to Optimize Conversions

Learn what multivariate testing is, how it can help improve your conversion rate, and how you can get started creating multivariate tests today.

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Phil Burch
Group Product Marketing Manager, Amplitude
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It's easy to see why product-led growth (PLG) is having a moment. PLG keeps customer acquisition costs low and reduces sales and marketing spending.

Learn what product-led growth is and how to get started from our expert contributors. With the right PLG strategy, you can align your resources to what's best for your customers and your bottom line.

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Blake Jackson
Manager, Global Talent Initiatives, Amplitude
Product-Led Growth Guide Volume 2: How to Get Started with PLG
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Katie Geer
Product Manager, Amplitude
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Larry Xu
Director of Engineering, Amplitude Experiment
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Adam Greco
Product Evangelist, Amplitude
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Darshil Gandhi
Principal Product Marketing Manager
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Elena Verna
Former Head of Growth, Amplitude
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John Cutler
Former Product Evangelist, Amplitude