Amplitude for marketers

Go Beyond Acquisition. Build Customers for Life.

Right now, every marketing dollar matters. Amplitude gives marketers self-service insights into which campaigns, channels, and customer segments are the most valuable so you can maximize lifetime value.

Acquire. Retain. Repeat.

Attract new customers
Attract new customers

Harness your data-driven insights to launch personalized campaigns and expand into new audiences.

Accelerate conversion
Accelerate conversion

Trust that you are seeing the full conversion picture so you can reduce friction in the path to purchase.

Build loyalty
Build loyalty

Know what drives retention and engagement so you can find and keep your most valuable customers.

Clear insights, full journey, can't lose

Find out which campaigns and channels are working—fast
View the full customer journey
Activate 1:1 campaigns and experiences at scale
  • Insights on demand: Answer any question without coding or engineers. Follow guided prompts in charts and visualizations to easily locate key insights and opportunities.
  • Pre-made templates: Get started quickly with ready-to-use templates and AI-powered workflows that guide marketing and product teams to the metrics that matter.
  • Self-serve audience creation: For precise targeting and personalization, build custom audiences or use pre-built segments backed by Amplitude's data governance and compliance controls.
  • See every touchpoint: Understand how users engage at every step—product, campaigns, paid ads, website, and even offline. Amplitude is a reliable data ecosystem where everyone can access and share insights in one view.
  • Resolve friction: Spot and fix rough patches anywhere in your digital experience to keep users close and coming back.
  • Engage valuable customers: Get a clear sense of what high-value customers love about your brand so you can invest there.
  • Segment and target: Target audiences precisely using rich user profiles. Plus, use predictive targeting to improve the speed, accuracy, and ROI of campaigns.
  • Test and release safely: Find out what’s working and what isn’t without risk by using built-in experimentation and insights integrated with your Amplitude dashboard.
  • Personalize campaigns: Send the right message at the right moment to any destination—email, ads, product. Activate rich user profiles in real time to drive campaign conversions with automated precision.

Marketers beat their metric goals with Amplitude

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Avito improved retention by 100% while reducing acqusition costs by 3x.


TicketSwap brought users back to their site and increased sales funnel completion by 15%.


WeMoney increased retention by 20% and reduced customer acquisition costs by 2x.

Empowering tools for marketing teams

Web analytics space

Get pre-built marketing reports with key metrics for acquisition, engagement, and conversion.

Campaign reporting

Understand how your channels impact bottom-line outcomes like ARPU, AOV, and conversion rates.


Personalize campaigns in real time with segmentation, AI-powered predictions, and automated syncs.

Identity resolution

Maintain one unified profile for each customer that draws from all touchpoints, channels, and devices.

Integrated experimentation

Safely test and release new experiences across apps, channels, and websites.

Session Replay

Marry rich quantitative insights with real-time qualitative feedback to reconstruct digital experiences.

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“By using Amplitude, we've validated marketing strategies, unlocking invaluable insights into customer behavior, campaign optimization, and performance measurement.”

Bjorn Seaton
Marketing Analytics Manager

Leave the halfway analytics behind

Legacy analytics tools are holding marketers back, whether from lack of self-service insights, suspect data quality, or inability to play nice with the modern marketing stack.

Although breaking free from a love/hate analytics relationship can seem daunting, we have the tools, frameworks, and expertise to ensure your migration to Amplitude is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Leave the halfway analytics behind


Marketing Analytics: What They Are, and Why They Matter
Marketing Analytics: What They Are, and Why They Matter

Understand the power of marketing analytics and how they work day-to-day.

Marketing Forecasting: Opportunities from Insights
Marketing Forecasting: Opportunities from Insights

A basic grasp of marketing analytics enables you to chart for growth effectively.

5 Reasons Why Product and Marketing Teams Are Sharing Analytics
5 Reasons Why Product and Marketing Teams Are Sharing Analytics

One source of truth to help you build collaboratively.

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