Data Governance

Complete Data You’ll Completely Trust

Great data is the foundation to digital analytics—and with Amplitude you’ll have everything you need to integrate sources, resolve identities, and control customer and product data.

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Streamlined customer event processing

Build digital experiences with out-of-box identity resolution, anomaly detection, event planning and validation and codeless data transformations.

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Enriched, connected data ecosystem

Make it easy to know why users convert by centralizing mobile, web, backend, and campaign data, and export enriched customer and product data to your stack.

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Flexible data access controls

Drive customer lifetime value by giving teams access to the data they need, and nothing more, through flexible permissions, shareable public links, and SSO.

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Enterprise-grade security & privacy

Confidently maintain compliance with best-in-class security certifications, and tools to meet privacy regulations so you can focus on growing your users.

Real-time integrations for a full view of user behavior.

Turnkey integrations, Cloud apps, data warehouses, SDKs, and APIs—all the integrations and pipelines you need to stream data into Amplitude for holistic insight into your customer and product experience.

Identity resolution tracks users across products & devices.

Identity resolution with Amplitude automatically captures one continuous event stream as users log in and out of your products, browse anonymously, and use multiple devices.

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Build trust with high quality data.

Give data and engineering teams a central hub to plan, transform and oversee their event data without writing code. With Amplitude, teams trust the accuracy of insights, leading to higher adoption and better decisions across the company.

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Safely democratize data

Amplitude is SOC2 Type-2 and ISO 27001 certified, offers SSO support and user permissioning, and is a recognized AWS Partner for Digital Customer Experience. We are data neutral and agnostic, providing you with privacy and control over the data you send to our platform.

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Why do engineers, analysts and data scientists love Amplitude?

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Empower non-technical teams to generate insights

"Amplitude acts as an intuitive and genuine tool for us to perform queries and efficiently create charts and dashboards, apart from directly querying the data warehouse"


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Offload query requests, refocus on high-impact projects

"Each member of our team can discover insights about user behavior without database query skills. We can bootstrap analytics expertise without developing an internal data warehouse and query platform."

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Connect engineering efforts directly to customer impact

"Ultimately, it nurtures the understanding of how each part of the company contributes to tangible metrics and amplifies data-driven decisions."


Meet the data leaders of today

Read real-world stories from leaders as they enable better decisions across their organizations through integrated stacks, complete, trustworthy and actionable data.

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