Amplitude for Web Experimentation

A/B Testing Powered by Real-time Insights

Enable growth professionals to maximize their goals and optimize experiences with web experimentation powered by real-time insights.

A/B Testing Powered by Real-time Insights

Insights and A/B testing, together

Deliver better web experiences with natively integrated analytics that help you build landing pages that convert, craft the perfect calls to action, and create personalized messages.

Limitless web experimentation

Iterate and optimize fast
Iterate and optimize fast

Connect insights with A/B testing and make it easy to improve experiences

Win more conversions
Win more conversions

Avoid the flicker effect and deliver high-performance experiments.

Personalize without compromise
Personalize without compromise

Personalize with advanced algorithms without missing conversions.

One platform to fuel growth and conversions

Unlock testing for all
Advanced A/B testing, simplified
Drive conversion with the right tools
  • Get the right data to improve experiences.
  • Surface new opportunities to improve.
  • Guide teams to set up tests in a few clicks.
  • Use sequential testing or T-tests out of the box.
  • Manage tests at scale with mutual exclusions and holdouts.
  • Split traffic seamlessly to compare pages.
  • Dig deeper to find what messages resonate with your customers.
  • Optimize with multi-armed bandits to stop missing out on growth.
  • Bring web analytics and A/B testing together to fuel conversion.

Discover why growth professionals love Amplitude

Learn how growth teams use Amplitude to build better web experiences.


Drove 2X better click-through rates and 20% more conversions with personalized messaging.


Drove 30% more high-quality traffic and more registrations by optimizing their CTAs.


Launched six experiments in the first month, increasing percentage of instant answers in search results from 5% to 10%.

Do more with Experimentation

Run more tests with web experimentation and web analytics in one platform. Move faster, optimize more experiences, and drive growth.

Split URL testing

Compare landing pages, page layouts, and messaging to see what works.

Guided user experience for all

Guide teams to set up experiments successfully no matter their experience level.

Multi-armed bandits

Grow faster with advanced MABs to personalize more offers without dropping conversions.

Flexible stats for any use case

Get more flexibility with A/B tests powered by sequential testing or T-tests.

One place for your marketing metrics

Get the web insights you need in one place and know how you’re doing at a glance.

CMS integrations

Deliver no-code tests from Contentful and test more without wasting developer cycles.

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“The team hypothesized that some groups responded better than others due to cultural differences and tested this hypothesis. We improved our clickthrough rate by 2X in our target market, leading to a 20% increase in conversions.”

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Marion Felder
Product Analyst, Evaneos

Resources for growth professionals

Personalize with experimentation
Personalize with experimentation

Get practical tips to help you optimize experiences that will earn you customer loyalty for life.

Optimize to drive  monetization
Optimize to drive monetization

Uplevel your monetization strategy and learn how experimentation supercharges your growth.

Web Analytics reimagined
Web Analytics reimagined

See how Amplitude drives value for customers through their web experiences.

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