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Empower your teams with self-service product analytics insights. Know what bets to make, what experiences and customer actions lead to outcomes, and where to double down.

Unlock visibility into any digital journey

Analyze complex digital journeys to unlock actionable insights about your customers

Use product data to build better experiences

Product analytics powered by our behavioral graph allow you to build products grounded in customer empathy

Turn digital products into revenue

Optimize digital products for better engagement, increased conversion, and long-term customer loyalty

Empower your teams to win with Amplitude

Designed from the ground up for cross-functional teams to move fast and  build a data-informed culture inside your company

Product analytics, trusted by the best and brightest

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Amplitude provides us a richer and deeper framework beyond what we could get elsewhere. We move faster, ideate quicker and understand our users more deeply.

Eddie Lee

VP of Product

Ultra-fast, intelligent insight into customer behavior.

Allow your team to instantly answer both simple and complex product analytics questions—from measuring baseline metrics to understanding, exploring, learning and predicting what will happen next.

Explore behavioral data

Go beyond surface-level data like page views and clicks to analyze user behaviors, attributes, channels and more. Create powerful behavioral cohorts to identify your most important customers. Manage your audiences in real-time within any Amplitude analysis or 3rd party integrations

Visualize any journey

Get visibility into your customer journeys with different levels of precision from analyzing unstructured journeys in aggregate views, all the way to the individual user paths of your customers. Understand the context and intent behind every action and identify why customers are or aren’t reaching the desired outcomes.

Measure customer engagement

Analyze engagement across multiple apps and understand how users move between platforms and products. See the different paths customers take and what’s causing them to convert or drop-off. Automatically identify interactions that drive customers back resulting in the highest engagement.

Identify conversion and retention drivers

See how your customers convert and retain with the industry’s smartest conversion and retention reports. Quickly create cohorts of customers dropping out and use Machine Learning to identify behaviors that best predict retention. Go further by customizing your analysis based on expected usage frequencies for any industry.

Monitor key metrics

Track metrics in real time against performance targets and see how new features or updates affect user behavior. Monitor performance changes over time and proactively surface important trends. Empower your teams to discuss insights within Amplitude so you can take action quickly.

Predict future outcomes

Use the power of machine learning to forecast behavior patterns over time. Visualizes expected future metrics so you can estimate trends, and use them to inform your goals. Identifies audiences for targeting based on their likelihood to buy, churn, or any number outcomes.

Product insights powered by The Amplitude Behavioral graph

Our purpose built behavioral graph allows you to:

Empower product teams with great decisions.

Out-of-the-box yet flexible reports enable you to answer your unique questions and understand how you can create customer and business value.

Used by more product managers than any other analytics solution to confidently make decisions about product roadmap, prove the impact of new features, and accelerate the team’s ability to ship.

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Amplitude provides speed of execution. We were able to 11x the number of tests run in a quarter. The fact that we drive value for our customers and PayPal faster is invaluable.

Kash Baghaei

Senior Director of Product

More than 15,000 marketers use Amplitude to see the full customer lifecycle, optimize acquisition flows, measure user engagement and identify high-value audiences.

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We were able to improve marketing spend efficiency by 3x, as measured through A/B tests and LTV improvements.

Andrew Touchstone

Director of Growth Marketing

Now engineers can connect efforts directly to customer impact and instantly spot bugs while empowering non-technical teams to ask and answer their own questions, saving everyone time.

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Often engineers feel like they don’t have any impact on the product roadmap or an ability to affect change. With Amplitude, I feel like I’m giving them a way into that conversation.

Sam Dalton

Engineering Manager

Your teams will increase innovation and productivity with analytics purpose-built for deep, fast behavioral analysis.

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Our main users of Amplitude are my data science and product teams. It’s a truly collaborative process that saves us time, and leads to more informed decisions. It allows us to look at the structured data without spending the additional development time required to build out new views.

Nicholas Aldershof

Director of Data Science

A modern analytics platform built for teams

See how Amplitude is designed from the ground up to be used by cross-functional teams. Data collaboration is embedded across Amplitude and is our secret to building a fast moving data-informed culture inside your company

Organize projects with Spaces

Get all your stakeholders in the same “room” so they can work and learn together with a space customized for them. Organize your content into folders and pin your favorite pieces of content in that space for more visibility.

Dashboards Reimagined

Turn your dashboards into workflows with templates that your teams can use to quickly track performance across a standardized set of metrics for evaluating new releases, A/B test experiments and even measuring customer health

Monitor Performance metrics as a Team

Monitor performance changes over time and proactively surface important trends in your metrics. Set and track progress to a target metric, add critical context as notes throughout the Dashboard, and more customize the layout of any report.

Tell Data-Driven Stories with Notebooks

Use Notebooks, you can easily share the full context behind complex analyses, A/B tests, and product launches with your whole team. Communicate context and takeaways from analysis with stories and make data-informed decisions.

Looking for extra horsepower to fit your unique analytics needs? We’ve got you covered.

Need to customize Amplitude to fit your unique analytics needs? We’ve got you covered


Ship fast and learn more with smart alerting for product monitoring


Analyze engagement across multiple applications in a single view


Accelerate SaaS product growth


Data Governance for a complete, accurate view of product and customer data.

Unlock the power of Amplitude with our Digital Optimization System

The first unified system that brings together an entirely new depth of customer understanding with the speed of action to optimize experiences in real-time

Amplitude is #1 in Product Analytics.

Trusted by disruptors everywhere to optimize their digital business.

Don’t just take it from us. Users ranked Amplitude #1 in Product Analytics for the 5th consecutive time.
And it’s not just for product teams. Every digital team can harness the power of product analytics to drive better business outcomes. That’s why we are ranked by G2 as one of the customer favorites across all software categories.

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