Session Replay

Build Better Digital Experiences with Qualitative Insights

Reconstruct digital experiences to see how your customers unlock value. Use Session Replay combined with best-in-class analytics to make better decisions that drive growth.

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Powered by best-in-class analytics trusted by over 2,000 companies

Integrated insights

Get the full story in a few clicks

Marry rich quantitative insights with real-time qualitative feedback to understand how to keep your customers coming back for more.

  • Visualize what conversion metrics mean in real life
  • Generate a macro-view of how behaviors might impact KPIs
  • Diagnose anomalies to better understand changes in your product
Trusted data

Track and visualize what matters most

Easily track and manage event-driven insights to visualize customer behavior across platforms and devices.

  • Visualize sessions based on actual events you care about
  • Built-in identity management with best-in-class data governance
  • One source of truth for capturing and streaming events
Simplified stack

Get up and running for less in one platform

Our natively integrated Session Replay gives your teams the tools they need to get up and running faster and at scale, for less.

  • No more bolt-on solutions for Session Replay
  • Simplified data pipelines, instrumentation, and data governance
  • Fast and easy onboarding with the Amplitude platform
Get up and running for less in one platform
Privacy first

Built-in privacy and compliance for peace of mind

Session Replay powered by Amplitude comes with the benefit of Amplitude's security and privacy controls, including:

  • Default masking of any text fields with options for web elements
  • Customize limits for replays based on retention policies
  • Integrations with our User Privacy API and DSAR API
Session Replay Privacy

Everything to optimize your product

Drive product adoption
Drive product adoption

See where new customers are getting stuck during sign-up. Understand how these issues impact business metrics.

Improve monetization
Improve monetization

Understand how users are engaging with revenue-impacting features and how behaviors might impact your bottom line.

Boost retention
Boost retention

Uncover qualitative insights from cohorts of power users to inform how to optimize your customer experience for retention.

Built on trusted data

Ensure data accuracy, security, and governance at scale with a platform built to identify what drives product success, integrate insights with your tech stack, and enable flexible implementation via API, SDK, or CDP.

Built on trusted data
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“It's exciting that we can do everything in one platform and that we don't have to jump between GA and Hotjar and Amplitude.”

Kevin Lier
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Digital Analytics Manager

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Get a clear picture of your customers, what they love, and where they are getting hung up—to drive better engagement and fuel business growth.

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Frequently asked questions

To get started with Session replay, you can use either our Session Replay Browser SDK Plugin that comes with Amplitude's Browser SDK or our Session Replay Standalone SDK if you instrumented your web app with third-party tools, such as Segment. We will also be introducing mobile app support in the coming months. For help with instrumenting, check out our Help Center, Developer Center, and Amplitude Academy for more information.

Combined with best-in-class product analytics, Session Replay from Amplitude consolidates your product and experience analytics stack on one platform. The benefits include lower costs, a deeper understanding of the “why” behind user behavior, and a more accurate picture of what your customers are doing in your product—with replays tied to your user events.

We’ve built Amplitude Session Replay with our customer’s privacy needs in mind. We believe handling user data with utmost care is the key to building trust with users. Session Replay comes with the benefit of Amplitude's existing security and privacy controls, including integrations with our User Privacy API and DSAR API to help you meet your privacy compliance obligations. Additionally, we designed Session Replay with default privacy settings, the ability to customize how long replays can be accessed, and more. Check out our Session Replay developer docs to learn more.

We offer support plans for every stage of your growth journey. Start for free with on-demand resources in our Developer Docs, Help Center, and the Amplitude Academy. Or choose from a paid plan with access to customer success and professional services teams that guide you through every step of onboarding, implementation, and instrumentation.