Amplitude for ecommerce

Transform Data into Customer Delight

Optimize every touchpoint of your user experience using the Amplitude solution for Ecommerce analytics. Drive acquisition, conversion, and retention across channels with fast answers to any growth question.

Transform Data into Customer Delight

Top retailers grow faster with Amplitude

All your data. One fully-integrated retail solution.

Improve monetization and retention
See the big picture

Use one source of customer truth to measure cross-channel performance, connect the dots between campaigns and actions, and improve experiences.

Build strong relationships at scale
Empower teams to learn

Make data-driven decisions in real-time using self-serve tools and experiments that give teams easy access to deep insights with just a few clicks.

Optimize every channel for growth
Optimize for transactions

Create the experience customers want as Amplitude highlights key insights—sales drivers, milestones, cart tweaks—so you never miss a growth opportunity.

Total Economic Impact™ Calculator

Calculate the ROI of using Amplitude

In under five minutes, create a custom calculation to see the potential impact on your organization when you use Amplitude. Powered by Forrester, this calculator makes it easy to determine what you can save when consolidating and driving self-service analytics and, more importantly, what it could mean for your acquisition, monetization, and retention objectives.

Total Economic Impact of Amplitude Calculator

Clear insights into any retail challenge

Cut acquisition costs

Track your performance across channels using top-rated analytics to get a clear picture of how to maximize your marketing spend.

Improve conversions

Meaningfully personalize any touchpoint with self-serve insights, using built-in Cart Analysis to streamline your checkout flow.

Inspire engagement

See the favorite paths and features of repeat customers, optimizing and promoting what’s working to increase app and site usage.

Drive loyalty

Identify your best customers and what they like, experimenting with new experiences that boost repeat purchasing and lifetime value.

Answer any growth question with a click

Funnel Analysis

See where users convert

See how users navigate a certain path to identify conversion drivers and key touchpoints, and improve your experience one funnel at a time. Answer questions like:

  • Where do people drop off?
  • What is the average time to first purchase?
  • Which users are new and which are returning?
See where users convert
Cart Analysis

Curb cart abandonment

Compare behaviors in checkout to see who and what converts best, where to adjust, and how to boost average order value and upsells. Discover:

  • Where do buyers drop out or get stuck?
  • What are your top product categories?
  • What are your trending product combinations?
Curb cart abandonment

Walk the customer journey

Explore every user flow at once in a single visual timeline. See events in sequence, how marketing impacts behavior, and where you can personalize to drive growth. Discover:

  • Who are your power users and what traits do they share?
  • What are the most common paths to purchase?
  • Which ads and campaigns convert best?
Walk the customer journey
Retention Analysis

See who returns, and how often

Segment and learn which groups, actions, and pathways are most correlated with customer loyalty. Group users as new, active, resurrected, or churned. Discover:

  • What features predict loyalty?
  • Who returns after a specific event, and how often?
  • What are the shared traits of your high-value audiences?
See who returns, and how often
Amplitude Audiences

Personalize at scale

Leverage first-party data to build precise audience lists that sync with your stack in real-time for accurate insights, automated campaign targeting, and much more. Discover:

  • Who should you target with what messaging?
  • What touchpoints are worth personalizing?
  • Where do users feel friction?
Personalize at scale
Data Tables

Find your best channels and campaigns

Compare user behaviors to real-time metrics like marketing spend and lifetime value for quick insights into key questions, including:

  • What are your customer acquisition costs?
  • What are your best-performing channels?
  • Which campaigns are driving customer loyalty?
Find your best channels and campaigns

“We’ve been able to reduce our acquisition costs by 30% while also increasing first-time orders by 10%. We could not have achieved those results without Amplitude Audiences.”

Guillermo Plaza Roche
Co-Founder & Product Lead

Ecommerce analytics without the challenges

#1 rated product analytics platform for 2021, 2022
#1 rated product analytics platform for 2021, 2022
Named a “Strong Performer” in digital intelligence platforms
Named a “Strong Performer” in digital intelligence platforms
4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

Helpful Resources

Worksheet: Diagnose Friction in the Path to Purchase
Worksheet: Diagnose Friction in the Path to Purchase
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From Click to Cart: Digital Analytics for Conversion in Ecommerce, Delivery, and QSR
Drive Repeat Purchases with Amplitude

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Amplitude offers pre-built integrations for over 60 popular Ecommerce tools, with more on the way. For example, our turnkey integrations include CRM platforms like Salesforce and Hubspot, marketing platforms like Marketo, Braze, and Mailchimp, as well as ad platforms like Facebook and Google Ads.

Analytics allow you to measure business performance, identify areas of improvement, and use actionable insights to optimize your customer experience. For example, you might want to increase cart value, surface personalized offers, or create a new product offering based on customer behavior. Analytics platforms are the best way to learn what customers want, so you can better drive conversions, loyalty, and ROI.

Amplitude lets you track and measure real-time data from the entire omnichannel customer journey. Our platform ingests customer data from marketing platforms, data warehouses, customer data platforms, digital channels, IoT devices, attribution vendors, and many more. Every unique data point combines in Amplitude to give you a 360-degree view of your customers.

Amplitude offers a usage-based pricing model based on your number of monthly tracked users (MTUs). Choose from three pricing plans. If you have more than 1 million MTUs, our accounts team can help you with event-based pricing that scales depending on how many events you'd like to send per month.