A community to solve your toughest product challenges together.

Join Cohort. A community to connect with other people who love analytics and making products better. 👋

Finally, a sounding board for your product and growth questions.

What's inside Cohort?

Community members will get access to:

  • A safe space to learn and practice product and growth frameworks
  • Exclusive invites to Cohort events both in-person and online
  • AMAs and workshops with subject matter experts and thought leaders
  • Mentorship and peer-to-peer matching programs
  • Small, private Slack groups with people who share your interests
  • Networking opportunities all around the world
  • A sales-free and marketing-free space where everyone has agreed to our Code of Conduct

What's inside Cohort?

Chat with other members in Slack

Grow your network. Meet people who share your passion for product and growth.


Share best practices and tips as you jam with us live or async on search for your product's North Star Metric.


Cohort is still in beta, which gives founding members an opportunity to shape this space and help build experiments that drive value for our members. (Also a good space to drop requests for guest speakers!)


Exclusively for Cohort Slack members, we run a monthly member AMA led by a thought leader within a specific industry, business model, or target audience.

Get together at events

Let's meet up! We host in-person and virtual events to create more spaces to connect, practice, and test everything you're learning within the community.

Practice the North Star Framework with John Cutler
North Star Metric Jam Sessions

Join thought leaders like John Cutler, Dan Schmidt, and your fellow community members for live breakdowns of the North Star Metric using real use cases.

Biweekly AMAs

Sign up to receive updates on upcoming community events, including AMAs with special guests like Elena Verna, Head of Growth at Amplitude.

Meet the Community Team
Meet the Community Team

Come grab a coffee and hang out with the Cohort Community team in Slack. We host weekly sessions to chat about ideas you have for the community, gather feedback, and get any of your questions answered.

Get answers to product questions

Have an implementation question? Want to learn how to use our latest features? Join our Support forum and maybe help out a fellow member while you're there.

Get answers to product questions

Get updates on community events

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