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Jet, SoulCycle, Gap

"Partnering with Amplitude allows us to have more strategic conversations with our clients about building products and driving retention. They provide a top-notch product analytics platform and a world-class team behind the scenes."

Al Harnisch, VP of Growth


Home Depot, The North Face, StubHub

"At YML, we create digital experiences that have lasting impact on our clients’ business and their users' lives. Amplitude allows us to identify clients’ power users and optimize user journeys to increase brand loyalty and revenue growth."

Ashish Toshniwal, CEO


Walmart, airbnb, Strava

"Amplitude is one of those tools I couldn't live without. It mixes fantastic technical capabilities with great people—a rare quality that makes the tool all the more unique and powerful in our stack."

Austin Hay, Founder

Amplitude partners share three things in common

Growth Marketing: Our partners have expertise in improving user acquisition, engagement, and retention by driving sustainable user growth and meaningful outcomes at scale.

Product Management: Our partners have expertise in taking an iterative and data-informed approach to product strategy, design, and insights for creating compelling digital experiences.

Analytics Implementation: Our partners have expertise in the technical execution of developing, implementing, and configuring a best-in-breed product analytics stack.

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