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The Tools to Win the Streaming Wars

Improve user engagement and retention across your portfolio with self-service streaming media analytics. Amplitude unites all your customer data—web, mobile, OTT, IoT—into actionable insights that drive revenue.

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Media teams and digital publishers grow better with Amplitude

One self-service platform. All your customer insights.

Understand all users

Turn first-party data into a clear picture of each user segment—behaviors, preferences, top content—for granular insights into what’s best for customers and your bottom line.

Drive engagement

Attract every audience using cross-platform behavioral analytics to personalize content recommendations, curate catalogs, optimize experiences at scale—and become the platform of choice.

Optimize for revenue

Drive lifetime value with data-driven insights into your high-value content, campaigns, features, and users. Amplitude empowers any team to answer the questions that drive subscriptions, right out of the box.

Use cases

When you know, you grow

Drive retention

See at a glance what behaviors, content, and user segments correlate with retention—or churn—with Amplitude’s intuitive charts and instant visualizations.

Understand users at scale

Segment viewers then use your first-party data to create segment-specific engagement strategies that deliver exceptional value.

Track engagement with promotions

Measure ad engagement across platforms to identify the channels, campaigns, and messaging that drive growth.

Personalize and target

See how ad delivery and personalization impact viewers to improve targeting and ensure you deliver the right message at the right time.

Track key metrics

Measure real-time streaming metrics—unique views, average view duration, viewer retention, and more—to pinpoint your top content and grow your subscriptions.

Test new experiences

Configure, test, and measure experiences using built-in experimentation that’s natively integrated with your first-party product data.


Learn what each audience wants

Compare how different user segments engage with content, campaigns, and platforms to discover what drives revenue by audience. Answer questions like:

  • How does each user segment impact your downstream metrics?
  • Which content, campaigns, and channels drive the most growth?
  • What new features or messaging, when tested, measurably improve the user journey?
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Retention Analysis

Discover how to stop churn

Identify the behaviors, content, and cross-platform experiences that predict loyalty—or churn—by user segment. Answer questions like:

  • Who are your power users?
  • What features correlate with retention?
  • How does retention compare between different payment plans? Revenue models?
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See where viewers drop off, and why

Visualize any number of user journeys in one timeline to see which paths lead to conversion, churn, and loyalty. Answer questions like:

  • Where do users encounter friction?
  • What’s stopping subscriptions—Friction? Content? Pricing?
  • What product milestones lead to subscriptions? Loyalty?
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Revenue LTV Chart

Correlate efforts with outcomes

Track lifetime value to see how product changes impact revenue and uncover the best way to turn acquired users into subscribers. Answer questions like:

  • How do ads, freemium, subscriptions, and paywalls impact revenue?
  • How quickly do different user segments convert from a free trial to a subscription?
  • Which podcasts or other content drive subscription revenue?
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Amplitude Experiments

Test experiences to unlock growth

Use built-in A/B testing to measure impact, validate ideas, and optimize every touchpoint using authoritative insights, no analyst support required. Answer questions like:

  • Where and how can you adjust the user experience to boost engagement?
  • How do feature changes impact activation and subscription?
  • What campaigns, experiences, and CTAs best drive subscriptions? Retention?
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NBC Logo

“It’s data science in a box…[Amplitude] allows us to move faster, experiment quicker, and understand our users better to take more immediate action to improve our customer experience.”

Josh Snow
Josh Snow
NBC Universal
VP of Product, NBC Entertainment Digital

Customer Success

NBC Doubles User Retention with Amplitude
NBC Doubles User Retention with Amplitude
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FunCraft: Creating Unique Player Experiences with Amplitude
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Le Monde Boosts Subscriptions by 20%
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Disney+Hotstar: From Clear Insights to Sticky Customers
Total Economic Impact™ Calculator

Calculate the ROI of using Amplitude

In under five minutes, create a custom calculation to see the potential impact on your organization when you use Amplitude. Powered by Forrester, this calculator makes it easy to determine what you can save when consolidating and driving self-service analytics and, more importantly, what it could mean for your acquisition, monetization, and retention objectives.

Total Economic Impact of Amplitude Calculator

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