Amplitude CDP

The First Insights-Driven Customer Data Platform

The only customer data platform natively integrated with analytics that helps you proactively improve data quality, discover new audiences, and sync behavioral data across your stack.

Connect. Analyze. Activate.

Data Connections

Empower data teams to bring customer data from across their technology stack.


Create a single taxonomy between your customer data platform and analytics to proactively plan, transform, and govern digital data.

Audience Management

Discover new audiences with native audience segmentation and targeting.

Unite data across teams with the first insights-driven CDP

Proactively improve data quality

Increase data confidence with proactive data monitoring and data planning designed for your customer analytics.

Reduce cost & redundancies

Drive business efficiency with single system implementation and management for customer data.

Deliver targeted experiences

Grow customer engagement with native audience discovery, segmentation, & targeting.

Empower your developer

Reduce instrumentation time with a built-in developer toolkit and data observability features.

Un-silo your customer data

Increase data quality and reduce cost with insight-driven instrumentation.

Data Planning

Define and standardize customer data upfront to reduce data quality issues.

Developer Experience

Reduce CDP instrumentation time with a built-in developer toolkit and data observability features.

Identity Resolution

Resolve customer identities across touchpoints to build unified customer profiles.

Data Governance

Proactively maintain the integrity and quality of customer data across the data lifecycle.

Data Federation

Federate customer data beyond analytics across your data stack with a single platform.

Audience Management

Identify the right users with behavioral segmentation without additional instrumentation.

Audience Activation

Activate customers at any digital destination including email, ads, and product—no engineering work required.

Unite your data. Unite your teams.

Easily stand up reliable data pipelines and reuse existing data pipelines, with no code integrations that bring product teams closer to customer data, and enable teams to build and ship faster than ever before

Improve speed and agility of campaigns by unifying data silos to create a 360 view of your customer with high-quality data.

Easily instrument data for new insights in the #1 product analytics solution to make faster, smarter decisions and build digital products powered by data.

Stop paying for the same data twice and having teams perform duplicate work while still getting a fractured view of the customer data.

Ingest and export data across the stack

Connect the leading data and marketing platforms to move customer and product data in and out of Amplitude.