Inside Amplitude

Inside Amplitude

Introducing Predictive Cohorts: Power Your Marketing Campaigns with Machine Learning

Like a crystal ball, Amplitude can bring you predictive insights. You can now create cohorts of users based on future behavior, instead of past behavi...

Bilal Mahmood

Inside Amplitude

Introducing Nova AutoML: A New Architecture for Predictive Insights

We’ve enhanced Nova—the analytics engine behind Amplitude—with an automated machine learning layer that enables predictive insights.

Cindy Rogers

Inside Amplitude

Introducing Pipelines & Govern: Break Data Silos to Empower Teams with Trusted Insights

With Amplitude’s new data management capabilities, teams break the silos that are holding back your insights into user behavior and preventing product...

John Hurley

Inside Amplitude

How the CJEU Decision on Schrems II Affects Amplitude Customers

The goal of Amplitude’s trust programs is not just to meet the requirements established by laws and industry regulations, but to exceed them and meet ...

Idan Levin

Inside Amplitude

A Pledge to Increase Fairness in Amplitude’s Machine Learning Systems

Ensuring fairness in machine learning is important but not straightforward. At Amplitude, we are investing in solutions to address different conceptio...

William Pentney

Inside Amplitude

Release Notes: June 2020

Updates to Pathfinder, a brand new feature to understand critical user milestones, and more. Take a closer look at the features our team shipped this ...

Grant Wensley

Inside Amplitude

Amplitude Wins Gold in “Support Team of the Year”

Amplitude was honored with a Gold Stevie Award at the 18th annual American Business Awards.

Brian Abad

Inside Amplitude

Introducing Milestone Analysis: Uncover the Moments That Create High-value Customers

Product managers know that there are critical milestones in the customer journey that drive new users to become high-value customers. But pinpointing ...

Justin Bauer

Inside Amplitude

Digital Acceleration & Amplitude’s Funding Milestone

Our $50M Series E round led by GIC will accelerate our mission to help teams build better products.

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