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Are You Data-driven, Data-informed or Data-inspired?

There's a time and place to be "data-driven," "data-informed," and "data-inspired." Shayna Stewart shares her expertise on when to leverage each minds...

Shayna Stewart


5 Questions with Dave Rogers and Sameer Karim, Product Strategy & Analytics Experts at Slalom

We sat down with product experts Dave Rogers and Sameer Karim of Slalom to get their take on the role of data and technology in product innovation.

Tai Rattigan


How I PM: Charlie Huang, Product Manager from WeWork, Spotify

What makes a product team "click"? How do you make time for strategy? Charlie Huang, Senior Product Manager at WeWork, shares his advice.

Cara Harshman

Inside Amplitude

Start Telling Stories about Your Data with Notebooks

Notebooks helps you easily communicate the full context behind complex analyses, A/B tests, and product launches with your whole team.

Archana Madhavan

Inside Amplitude

Release Notes: February 2019

February might've been a short month but we had a ton of things in the works, including exciting new functionalities for Notebooks, Google AMP support...

Archana Madhavan

Inside Amplitude

Amplitude is a Launch Partner for the AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency Program

The Competency Partner designation is the highest level of endorsement from AWS and recognizes Amplitude as an industry leader.

Maryam Lahiji

Inside Amplitude

'Product Analytics Playbook: Mastering Engagement' is Here!

Today we’re releasing the Product Analytics Playbook: Mastering Engagement. Dive in to learn how to create a successful engagement strategy that helps...

Archana Madhavan


5 Questions with Jimmy Muldoon, Director of Insights at Red Badger

An interview with Red Badger, Amplitude’s first UK Partner and trusted digital advisor to companies like BBC, Financial Times, and Sky.

William Zhang

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