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Holly Hester-Reilly on Product Science and Experimentation

Holly is a product development expert. Our 10-question interview with her is truly a master-class of...

John Cutler

Best Practices

A 5 Step Guide to Sustainable Analytics Instrumentation

Data instrumentation is critical for long-term analytics success, yet it's so often overlooked.

Jessica Chiu

Inside Amplitude

Release Notes: October 2018

It’s been a busy month for us at Amplitude: Slack integrations, team space permissions, and rolling ...

Paul Koullick


How I PM: Andrew Wynn, Product Manager at Looker and formerly Instacart

Andrew Wynn has led product teams at Instacart and Looker. This is how he product manages.

Cara Harshman

Best Practices

Better Practices for Building Integrations

Before you get started on an integration, it's worthwhile to take a step back and make sure that wha...

Dana Levine


Why Experiment?

What is at the heart of the product experimentation mindset? Is your team driven by fear or curiosit...

John Cutler

Best Practices

4 Learnings in Our Journey from EC2-Classic to VPC

If you haven't made the switch to virtual private cloud (VPC) yet, the improved security and pricing...

Julien Dubeau


Jake Knapp on Making Time (for Ourselves, Products, Customers, and Teams)

Product designer and bestselling author Jake Knapp advocates for being extremely deliberate with how...

Cara Harshman

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