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3 Product Metric Pitfalls You Need to Avoid

8 -minute Read

Learn how to create better, more actionable product metrics in this excerpt from "The Insights Driven Product Manager."

Corinna Stukan

Product Leader

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How to Implement a Customer Journey Strategy that Works

6 -minute Read

A successful customer journey strategy starts with anticipating the potential paths a user may take when interacting ...

Nikhil Gangaraju

Director, Product Marketing

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7 Growth Marketing Skills You Need in 2022

12 -minute Read

Few jobs undergo as much change as growth marketing. Grasp these skills to up your strategy and success as a growth ...

Mallory Busch

Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Amplitude

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Scarcity Requires a Renewed Focus on Leverage

5 -minute Read

2022 has ushered in a renewed need for leverage and focus. The tailwinds are no more. Companies must seek growth amid...

John Cutler

Product Evangelist, Amplitude

Amplitude Labs

What’s Growing Faster: Apps or Websites?

Exclusive data from Amplitude Labs shows exactly where app and website usage is...

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