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Uses two partials, tabs and tab. tabs provides the wrapper and sets the tab names. tab renders the individual tab content.

JS example

1// Merging in multiple
2return array_merge(
3 $this->context->only('foo', 'bar', 'baz')->all(),
4 ['local' => 'value']

TS example

1// Set logger
2client.setLogger(new AmplitudeLog() {
3 @Override
4 public void log(String tag, String message, LogMode messageMode) {
5 if (messageMode.level >= logMode.level) {
6 // implement using custom logging framework and format
7 }
8 }


Test collapse

Name Description Default Value
instanceName string. The instance name. $default_instance
flushIntervalMillis number. Sets the interval of uploading events to Amplitude in milliseconds. 1,000 (1 second)
flushQueueSize number. Sets the maximum number of events that are batched in a single upload attempt. 30 events
flushMaxRetries number. Sets the maximum number of reties for failed upload attempts. This is only applicable to retryable errors. 5 times.
logLevel LogLevel.None or LogLevel.Error or LogLevel.Warn or LogLevel.Verbose or LogLevel.Debug. Sets the log level. LogLevel.Warn
loggerProvider Logger. Sets a custom loggerProvider class from the Logger to emit log messages to desired destination. Amplitude Logger
minIdLength number. Sets the minimum length for the value of userId and deviceId properties. 5
optOut boolean. Sets permission to track events. Setting a value of true prevents Amplitude from tracking and uploading events. false
serverUrl string. Sets the URL where events are upload to.
serverZone EU or US. Sets the Amplitude server zone. Set this to EU for Amplitude projects created in EU data center. US
transportProvider Transport. Sets a custom implementation of Transport to use different request API. FetchTransport
useBatch boolean. Sets whether to upload events to Batch API instead of instead of the default HTTP V2 API or not. false



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