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The Amplitude Integration Portal is your gateway to enhancing collaboration and integration possibilities with Amplitude. As a valued partner, this portal opens up a world of opportunities to expand data connections for Amplitude customers while simplifying the integration process.

With the Integration Portal, partners gain access to a range of tools and resources that simplify and speed up the integration process. These tools typically include comprehensive documentation, code samples, and best practices, which guide developers through the necessary steps for integration.

Getting started

Amplitude aims to make it easy for partners like yourself to self-define and add all the contextual information for their integration tile in the Amplitude app. Using the Integration Portal, you can:

  • Add a brief overview of your integration.
  • Add a display name for your integration tile in Amplitude.
  • Choose an integration category (for example, Messaging, Attribution, Ad Network).
  • Upload your company logo for your integration tile.
  • Verify that Amplitude successfully receives your data payload.
  • Update your integration version (for example, V1.1 or V1.2.1).

This Integration Portal suits partners who want to build these kinds of integrations:

  • Event Ingestion - Build your own Amplitude Data Source tile to let your users set up an integration between Amplitude and your app.
  • Cohorts - Build your own Amplitude Data Destination cohort tile to enable users to sync cohorts (audiences) from Amplitude to your platform through a series of REST API calls.
  • Event Streaming - Build your own Amplitude Event Streaming tile to let your users forward events in real time from Amplitude. 


To get started, you need to do the following:

  1. Sign up or have an existing Amplitude plan.
  2. Email with your Org ID so Amplitude can enable the Integration Portal. This also enables the partner sandbox plan to give you access to all the same features as the Enterprise plan for testing purposes.

High-level process to get listed in Amplitude

Here are the high-level steps to having your integration listed within the Amplitude app.

  1. Go to the Integration Portal: In Amplitude, navigate to the My Settings page and click Integration Portal. If you don't see this option, send an email to with your Org ID, and the Amplitude Product Development team will provide you access.
  2. Configure your integration: Once you have finalized your testing, click Submit via the Integration Portal and it will notify the Amplitude Engineering team to review your integration.
  3. Amplitude Engineering team reviews integration: During the review process, the Amplitude team validates the integration which could take up to 2 weeks. During this process, Amplitude may reach out to you if the team has questions.
    • Cohort destination integration: Provide a test account to Typically the Amplitude team syncs a test cohort from Amplitude to your platform as part of the validation process.
    • Streaming destination integration: Provide a test account to Typically the Amplitude team sends a test event from Amplitude to your platform as part of the validation process.
  4. Integration goes live in Amplitude: After Amplitude approves the integration, it's automatically deployed and enabled for your organization. You can then see a tile within the Amplitude app on the source or destination page depending on the integration type.
  5. Get listed on Integrations Catalog: Amplitude includes your logo on the Integration Catalog page to improve discoverability and promote your Integration.
  6. Co-Marketing Opportunities: Click on this Amplitude Technology Partner Overview doc to learn more about the benefits and requirements associated with each partnership tier (Integration, Advanced & Premier).

Give feedback

If you'd like to share your experience and give feedback on the Integration Portal, fill out this short survey. If you run into issues using the Integration Portal, you can email questions to

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June 17th, 2024

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