Dynamic Configuration

Some Amplitude SDK versions (iOS 5.3.0+, Android 2.28.0+, JavaScript 8.9.0+, React Native, Unity, and Flutter) let you set your apps to use dynamic configuration.

Dynamic configuration finds the best Amplitude server URL based on app users' location.


  • If you have your own proxy server and use setServerUrl API, don't use dynamic configuration.
  • If you have users in Mainland China, Amplitude recommends that you use dynamic configuration.
  • By default, this feature is off. You must explicitly enable it to use it.

Use cases


Send users from different regions to the server for their region.

Dynamic configuration chart

Dynamically adjust server URLs

If a server URL becomes unreachable for some reason, Amplitude can change the address in the dynamic configuration server.

This makes the ingestion endpoint dynamic, so you don't need to release a new version of your app.

Dynamic configuration chart


Enable the useDynamicConfig flag.

1[Amplitude instance].useDynamicConfig = YES;



1amplitude.getInstance().init(euApiKey, null, {
2 useDynamicConfig: true,



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May 7th, 2024

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