Analytics APIs

API Description
Attribution API

Send attribution campaign events (identified by idfa, idfv, or adid) that contain attribution information.

Batch Event Upload API

Upload large amounts of event data.

Behavioral Cohorts API

List all your cohorts in Amplitude, export a cohort in Amplitude, or upload a cohort.

Data Subject Access Request API
Chart Annotations API

Programmatically annotate important dates like feature releases and marketing campaigns on your organization's charts with a horizontal axis of calendar dates.

Dashboard REST API

Get data that's displayed on the dashboard graphs in JSON format via the Dashboard REST API.

Event Streaming Metrics Summary API

Get delivery metrics summary for a configured event stream.

Export API

Export your project's event data.

Group Identify API

Set or update properties of particular groups.


Send data directly from your server to the HTTP V2 endpoint.

Identify API

Set the User ID for a particular Device ID or update user properties of a particular user without sending an event.

Lookup Table API 2
Lookup Table API

Augment your properties with static data.

Releases API

Programmatically create releases in Amplitude using the Releases API.


Provision and manage users and groups. This API uses the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) 2.0 Standard.

Taxonomy API

Create, get, update, and delete categories, event types, event properties, and user properties.

User Mapping (Aliasing) API

If you use the Portfolio add-on, use this API to map and unmap users across projects to a global user ID.

User Privacy API

Programmatically submit requests to delete all data for a set of known Amplitude IDs or User IDs.

User Profile API

Fetch a user profile, which include user properties, computed properties, a list of cohort IDs, and recommendations.

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May 16th, 2024

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