Group Identify API

Use the Group Identify API to set or update the properties of particular groups.

The Amplitude Accounts add-on makes analytical functionality available at the group level. A group is an object that a set of users might belong to, like a company of customers, team of users, or a playlist with listeners. Groups can help you understand how accounts interact with your product, instead of how individual users interact.


This API uses your API key passed in the body of the request:


For more information, see Find your API Credentials


Region Endpoint
Standard server
EU residency server


  • Updates affect only future events, and don't update historical events.
  • You can track up to 5 unique group types and 10 total groups per event.
  • The maximum number of group identifies per request is 1024.
  • The maximum number of group properties per request is 1024.
  • The maximum byte size/per request is 1 mb.


Set or update group properties.


1curl --location --request POST '<>' \
2--header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
3--data-urlencode 'api_key=<API_KEY>' \
4--data-urlencode 'identification=[{"group_properties":{"org csm":"Lucas","org plan":"Enterprise","org owner":"Luis"},"group_type":"Seller","group_value":"12345678"}]'

1POST /groupidentify?api_key={api-key}&identification={"group_properties":{"org_csm":"Lucas","org_plan":"Enterprise","org_owner":"Luis"},"group_type":"org_id","group_value":"12345678"} HTTP/1.1

Required parameters

api_key Your project API key.
identification Either a single JSON identification object or an array of JSON objects, each of which represents one identification.

Identification parameter keys

Description Example
group_type String. Group type. "org name", "org id"
group_value String. One specific value of the group_type.
"group_type":"org id","group_value":"12345678" or "group_type":"account name","group_value":"Acme Corp". Ex."org id":"12345678", "account name":"Acme Corp"
group_properties String. A dictionary of key-value pairs that represent data tied to the group. Each distinct value appears as a group segment on the Amplitude dashboard.
You can store property values in an array, and date values are transformed into string values. See the next table for supported operations.
{"arr": "10000", "cs": \["Justin", "Ben"\], "renewal_date": “01/01/2018" }

group_properties supports these operations:

$set Set the value of a property.
$setOnce Set the value of a property, prevent overriding the property value.
$add Add a numeric value to a numeric property.
$append and $prepend Append and prepend the value to a group property array.
$unset Remove a property.

Status codes

Code Message
200 Success
400 Bad request. See the error message for specifics.
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May 21st, 2024

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