App-level user permissions

This article helps you:

  • Set user permissions for Amplitude Experiment that are independent of and separate from those used in Amplitude Analytics

Experiment app-level permissions enable Amplitude admins to manage access to Amplitude Experiment separately from Amplitude Analytics permissions. Use this when you want to:

  • Prevent analytics team members from releasing features through Experiment, and/or
  • Prevent product development team members from affecting data taxonomy, or key dashboards and charts in Analytics, while
  • Allowing all team members to keep higher permission levels in their primary apps, enabling them to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.


Setting app-level user permissions in Experiment is only available to Enterprise customers. 

To set app-level user permissions in Experiment, follow these steps:

  1. In Experiment, click Permissions in the left-hand sidebar. The Experiment Permissions page displays, with the Joined Users tab open.
  2. In the Search field, type the name or email of the user you're looking for. Then click the checkbox next to their name. The actions above the table should now be selectable in blue.
  3. Click Manage Project Access to search for the project where you want to adjust permissions.
  4. From the dropdown displaying the current permission level for the selected user, select their updated access level. Then click Next.


  1. If you're sure you want to make these changes, click Submit.

Flag-level access controls


This feature is in open beta and is available to users on Enterprise plans only.

With flag-level access controls, you can decide which Amplitude Experiment users can make changes to specific flags or experiments. 

When flag-level access controls are enabled, users in your organization are unable to save changes to a flag or experiment unless they're specifically designated as an editor for it.

For new flags and experiments, this access defaults to prohibiting edits from other users; manually add any users to the list of those permitted to edit them.

To edit the list of approved editors, navigate to [flag or experiment] > More Actions > Manage Access. Here, you can add individual users, or specify that the flag is editable by all users in your organization.

After you grant a user editor permissions to your flag, Amplitude Experiment checks permissions, and that user needs edit access through their role. For example, if you assign a user the Viewer role and you add them as an editor to your flag, they can't to save changes until you assign them a role with editing privileges

Permissions matrix

This table describes the various permissions included with each permission level.

Viewer Member Manager (Project) Admin (Org)
Targeted Environments Read Read/Write Read/Write Read/Write
Activate Read Read/Write Read/Write Read/Write
Variants Read Read/Write Read/Write Read/Write
Allocation Read Read/Write Read/Write Read/Write
Analysis Read Read/Write Read/Write Read/Write
Metrics Read Read/Write Read/Write Read/Write
Experiments and Flags Viewer Member Manager (Project) Admin (Org)
Read Y Y Y Y
Create Y Y Y
Edit Y Y Y
Delete Y Y Y
Environments Viewer Member Manager (Project) Admin (Org)
Read Y Y Y Y
Create Y Y Y
Edit Y Y Y
Delete Y Y Y
Mutual Exclusion Groups Viewer Member Manager (Project) Admin (Org)
Read Y Y Y Y
Create Y Y Y
Edit Y Y Y
Delete Y Y Y
Users Viewer Member Manager (Project) Admin (Org)
Add user to a project Y Y
Edit project role Y Y
Add user to organization Y
Edit organization role Y
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July 11th, 2024

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