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  • Begin your analysis with a pre-built template

In Amplitude Analytics, templates help teams efficiently recreate common analyses and share best practices with just a few clicks.

Feature availability

This feature is available to users on all Amplitude plans.

Once you've built some analyses of your own, you can easily create your own templates. But before that day, you can use Amplitude's suite of starter templates in the Template Gallery to start generating insights into your users and their behavior.


Then just click on the template you're interested in to open it. Any templates you create in the future will also appear here.


If a process can be represented as a funnel, you should be tracking the steps in a Funnel Analysis chart. For example, tracking an onboarding funnel can help you quickly understand if first-time users are successfully navigating your signup process. A retention funnel can help you understand which parts of your product your users find confusing or frustrating, so you can spot and fix them quickly. If you need help deciding what events to track and in what chart, contact your dedicated Success Manager, or Amplitude Support here.

Find the Template Gallery by clicking Start from a template on the Amplitude Home page.


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June 5th, 2024

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