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This article helps you:

  • Use a template to generate a user activity report in Amplitude Analytics

The charts included on the User Activity Report template deliver insights into the frequency and duration of your users' engagement with your product. There’s no setup required, though you can easily customize the template itself and the individual charts included with it if you need to.

The User Activity Report template includes the following charts:

  • How many users are active each day?
  • What percent of active users are new users?
  • What percent of active users are returning?
  • How long is the average session?
  • When do these users come back?
  • Breakdown of these users by device family
  • Breakdown of these users by country
  • Breakdown of these users by platform

For a more detailed view into any of these questions, simply click the title of the chart you’re interested in.

Customize the User Activity template

You can customize this or any template by first converting it into a dashboard. In Amplitude, templates and dashboards are related but distinct concepts. A dashboard is a single, convenient view of several related charts; you’d use a dashboard to share insights with other stakeholders in your Amplitude project. A template is a re-usable version of a dashboard; you’d use it to make other, similar dashboards, which you could then customize to meet the specific needs of a different project.

To turn the template into a dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. From the Replace Projects dropdown, select the Amplitude project you’ll want to use this dashboard to track. If you want it to track the current project, just leave it as-is.
  2. From the Replace Events dropdowns, select the events you want to use in place of New User and Any Active Event.

If you want to replace the New User event, you should choose an event that signals activity in your product from a new user—for example, User Sign Up or Account Registration.

If you want to replace the Any Active User event with something more specific, scroll until you find the event you’re interested in and select it.

You are not required to replace either the New User or the Any Active Event events if you’d prefer not to.

  1. Click Save As New Dashboard and select Keep and display saved replacement parameters. Then click Next.
  2. Give your new dashboard a name and select a location to save it. Then click Save.

Your dashboard is now ready for use.

Check out this article to learn more about dashboards, and this article to learn more about templates in Amplitude.

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May 24th, 2024

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