Making Personalization Possible

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Making Personalization Possible

Personalization has a checkered past. We see the success stories of Netflix, Amazon, Stitchfix and more but the hype has led many down a path that costs millions of dollars and never produces results. Yet with ever-growing customer expectations, organizations do not have a choice—it’s personalize or die. The only question is how do businesses achieve success when all of the odds can seem stacked against them.

In this book from Amplitude, you’ll gain fresh insight into why companies struggle with getting personalization off the ground. You’ll also discover how critical it is to consider the complexities of data collection and transformation in any machine-driven personalization effort. And you’ll see how underestimating the technical resources or the cultural hurdles ultimately hurts ROI and keeps most organizations from being successful.

Making Personalization Possible includes:

  • An overview on 1:1 personalization investment trends
  • Common hurdles to implementation and best practices for overcoming them
  • Tips on how to succeed with personalization
  • Relevant use cases across industries