Apphud can send subscription events into Amplitude to help enrich your Amplitude user profiles with subscriptions revenue. This is useful for seeing all events and revenue that occur for your app even if it’s not active for a period of time.

About Apphud

Apphud is a revenue data platform designed for mobile app teams to scale results and grow even faster by making data-driven decisions. Apphud boosts in-app subscriptions growth by helping you deliver web-to-app ads and centralizing app revenue data for analysis.




For help with this integration, contact the Apphud Support team.


Before you can add this integration, you must do the following:

Amplitude setup

Copy your Amplitude API keys for both your test and production projects.

There are no other setup steps in Amplitude.

Apphud setup

See detailed instructions for this integration in the Apphud documentation.

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April 22nd, 2024

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