Nami is a platform to help you launch, scale, and optimize your app business across mobile, tablet, and connected TV devices. Nami provides a complete solution for in-app purchases and subscriptions including designing no-code paywalls, campaigns to convert and retain your customers, subscription management tools, and real-time revenue analytics. 


  • You must enable this integration in each Amplitude project you want to use it in.
  • You need a paid plan with Nami to enable this integration.
  • Make sure that you identify users in Nami using the same user identifier you use in Amplitude. If the user IDs don’t match, Amplitude can't match and merge survey response data with product use data of the same user.

Amplitude setup

  1. Copy the Amplitude API key for your project. There are no other setup steps in Amplitude.

Nami setup

  1. Log into your dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Integrations and click Connect to Amplitude.
  3. Paste your Amplitude API Key.
  4. Choose which events you want to receive.

Use cases

Specific use cases include:

  1. In-App Monetization Optimization: Nami empowers app businesses to fine-tune their in-app monetization strategies. With Nami's user-friendly no-code paywall design tools, businesses can create and customize in-app purchase and subscription product selection pages and offers across all platforms form factors. This flexibility enables experimentation with pricing models, content access levels, and promotional offers. The real-time revenue analytics provided by Nami offer a comprehensive view of financial performance, helping businesses identify which monetization strategies are most effective. This data-driven approach allows for continuous refinement of monetization tactics, ultimately maximizing revenue generation.
  2. Customer Conversion and Retention Campaigns: Nami equips businesses with the tools to craft and execute targeted campaigns aimed at converting and retaining customers. Tailor these campaigns to specific user segments and deliver personalized messaging and offers to drive initial purchases, subscription sign-ups, and upsells. Nami's subscription management tools streamline the subscription renewal and cancellation processes. By providing a seamless customer experience, businesses can bolster long-term retention rates and foster customer loyalty. These efforts contribute to sustainable revenue growth.
  3. Real-Time Revenue Tracking and Insights: Nami's real-time revenue analytics offer valuable insights into a mobile app business's financial performance. Users can gain a deep understanding of revenue streams, user behavior, and the impact of different monetization strategies. Armed with this real-time data, businesses can make agile adjustments to their tactics. This may involve modifying pricing strategies, launching time-limited promotions, or adjusting content offerings based on user engagement metrics. Furthermore, real-time data aids in forecasting and strategic planning, enabling businesses to make informed decisions for sustained growth and profitability.
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April 22nd, 2024

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