Survicate's integration sends your survey responses as events to Amplitude so you can capture qualitative user insights and connect them with your quantitative data in Amplitude. All to help you make more informed decisions and create better products.

About Survicate

Survicate is survey software for online businesses that lets you collect customer feedback at all stages of the funnel. 

Set up and use the integration

Before you begin setup, copy your Amplitude project API key.

  1. In Survicate, navigate to Settings > Integrations, search for "Amplitude" or select it from the list of available integrations, and click it.
  2. Next, click Connect. In the window that opens, enter your Amplitude project's API key in the text box and click Authorize.


This integration works on a workspace level, which means it will send the information from all surveys you store in your Survicate workspace.

There are no other setup steps in Amplitude.

Use Survicate's data in Amplitude

After collecting new survey responses, you see the survicate_survey_answered event in Amplitude. You can then group your data by the following event properties:

  • type: Question type
  • survey_name: Name of the survey
  • question_name: Name of the question
  • question_introduction: Introduction message in the question
  • question_id: Unique ID of the survey's question
  • integrationID: Value is always survicate
  • answer: Answer given

Specific use cases include:

  • Creating cohorts based on user satisfaction. Send the CSAT or NPS surveys' responses to Amplitude to create cohorts of satisfied or dissatisfied users. When done, track down the activation or user behavior among these groups to understand what made them answer the way they did.
  • Getting a detailed view behind qualitative feedback. Ask users for product or feature ideas while they're in your app, or let them pick one feature they'd like to see built next. Analyze results both in Survicate and Amplitude to have a better understanding of the background behind feature requests.
  • Measure release performance. Launch in-product contextual surveys to ask users about their satisfaction with the latest release. Then combine survey answers with the release performance metrics, or application versions users use, to get a better understanding of how each version of the application performs.
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April 22nd, 2024

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